TODAY   |  November 20, 2012

Top 10 staples you should keep in your pantry

Adam Rapoport of Bon Appetit magazine shares his advice for stocking your pantry, showing off 10 items you should always have on hand, including miso, molasses, and  coconut milk.

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>>> this morning in "today's kitchen" we're going back to basics with new staples for your pantry. for the first time in the 60-year history " bon appetit " has a list of must-have kitsch engadgets. each product has been awarded the " bon appetit " seal of approval.

>> good morning, willie.

>> you were one of the few guests who almost loses his head in the vent her. spiky hair this morning.

>> get stuffed up in there, right up in there.

>> tell me, first of all, what's the criteria and why did you start doing this after 56 year?

>> seal of approval, always telling people what to cook and how to cook and why not tell them what to cook with. we're a very opinionated bunch and what are the products in our kitchen we start with every day starting off with the basics and here on out we'll introduce new products to the seal of approval programs. ones that we can't cook without and neither should

>> you this is not sugar and flour.

>> well, there are the basics, domino's sugar. king arthur 's flour, the staples.

>> these are the products that most americans don't have in their kitchen but should to help them become a better cook.

>> this one i've not heard of. red boat fish sauce .

>> it's the new soy sauce .

>> thailand and vietnam, a great ingreetedient doing stir fries, dipping marinades, adds that salty funkiness. dipping sauce , fish sauce , lime juice , chili, great for spring rolls or summer rolls .

>> get that in a grocery store ?

>> yes.

>> let's me of on to white miso, the japanese, to impart that essence to the dish. want backbone for your salads, your broths or soups. famous miso glaze, once or twice. that's what you need to buy. we like the yellow white miso, a little softer and sweeter, not so stringent.

>> like anything that involves margaritas.

>> where's the eyes.

>> agave sweetener, if you have diabetes, low glycemic index , healthier and bartenders likes it because it dissolves easily into cocktail. agave syrup.

>> what is is this?

>> a tunisian tapenade, garlic, coriander, a great sort of paste. mix it with mayonnaise, put it in your sandwiches and grill it with shrimp. one of these all purpose flavor enhances.

>> pomegranate molasses, what do you use that for?

>> i tend to think of this as an aged balsamic, when it gets syrupy, this is reduced pomegranate juice , great to glaze, instant glaze on grilled meats and chicken. this is a classic lebanese salad, fresh mint, lettuce, tomatoes, crispy pita chips.

>> do i really need anchovies at all times?

>> anchovies.

>> do i have to do it?

>> a big source, a fight in my house hold, likes to put anchovies, tries to sneak them in. i do not like them.

>> why do we need them?

>> ortiz ones are great. like them hole to drape on your cesare dressing. what people love them for, mix them into pasta sauces and adds that earthy saltiness, better than just salt and do dissolve while cooking. some people don't know they are in there. i always do. no italian would be without their anchovies, period.

>> okay. let's get through these ones.

>> coconut milk .

>> some people are lactose intolerant, this t should be real coconut, reduced coconut milk .

>> and tomato paste .

>> perfect bolognese, need tomato paste , mixed in with the ground beef, stock and wine.

>> and sea salt , sprinkle the crystals over your steak and vegetables, parmesan short bread, crunch flavor.

>> grape seed oil .

>> need more than olive oil .

>> it's a neutral oil, higher burning point and great for frying and for a mellow salad dressing.

>> you can buy all of this stuff in a grocery store .

>> or order online.

>> catch your breath.

>> at am rapport with "bon