TODAY   |  November 20, 2012

Rappelling Santa dangles by beard, stays jolly

A mall Santa in Reading, England was attempting to make a grand entrance in front of delighted onlookers at a holiday event when his beard got stuck in the equipment he was using to rappel down from the ceiling. Santa dangled there for about thirty minutes until he could be freed by rescuers, rather than remove his beard in front of the watching children.

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>>> much for trying to bring in the christmas cheer a little early this year. this santa at a mall in redding, england, was forced to slow things down for a while as he rappelled in. his beard got stuck on his wire, so there he stayed dangling for about 30 minutes . apparently a very good sport because he said he could have freed himself immediately by losing the beard, but he didn't want the kids down below to know that he wasn't the real santa.