TODAY   |  November 19, 2012

Newlywed gives back by giving away her gown

Feeling lucky after the wedding of her dreams, newlywed Alissa Walter wanted to give back, so she decided to give away her beautiful gown to a bride who couldn’t afford one of her own. She hands it over to Renee Stroinski, the deserving bride she chose personally because of Stroinski’s promise to pay it forward.

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>>> newlywed alissa felt very lucky to have the wedding of her dreams so much so that she wanted another bride to feel that way. decided to pay it forward and give away a dress to a youk woman who couldn't afford one of her own and she is here to hand over her gown to someone she has never met. sounds pretty amazing, alissa , nice to have you here.

>> thank you.

>> your wedding day from what i gather was absolutely fantastic. why did you want to give away this gorgeous wedding dress of yourself?

>> it was that our wedding was so special it was a time where we felt so blessed by our friends and family and we real he been given so many different things, invested in beautiful decorations and this beautiful dress, and what better way to -- to use these now than this help them bless someone else .

>> and give everybody else the same chance.

>> spread the generosity we've been given.

>> you reached out to the huffington post -and they posted a picture of the dress, and then you received a couple dozen letters or so and you chose renee .

>> what was about her story?

>> she embraced the idea of paying it forward. she really wanted to take this dress and everything else about her wedding and use it to also be generous to other brides, and i thought, you know, this is a really amazing trend. what a better way to think about our weddings as something that we can invest in and share rather than something about a princess day that is all about us.

>> that's a great, great way of thinking, and i know renee is standing by in the background. you two have never met. she wants to see her gorgeous dress. renee , come on over.

>> come take a look now.

>> hi.

>> renee , here's alissa .

>> so glad to meet you.

>> thank you so much.

>> isn't this gorgeous?

>> i love it.

>> you're the same size so it's going to work.

>> oh, my gosh, this is perfect.

>> renee , you're getting -- i see tears in the eyes which is a good side. every bride when they see their wedding dress and they know.

>> you saw the picture in "the huffington post " and you saw price tag zero.

>> yes.

>> could you even believe alissa was willing to give away her dress?

>> no, i think it was like some mistake. i loved it. i couldn't resist so i clicked on it anyway and i was like oh, i hope it actually, is and then she had this great little message after i found out we were exactly the same size and everything and had this great little message on the bottom that was so sweet and generous of you to just give it away, give it to someone who wouldn't sell it and wear it and feel special and i -- i know it was the one before i even know i could have it.

>> and you wrote in your letter to alissa i long for that special moment when he, your fiance, and my father first see in my gown. that memory is one of the few things that i know will last long after the wedding . is this the dress of your dreams?

>> oh, yeah, it is.

>> you've said, too, you're going to pay it forward, right?

>> absolutely.

>> something that you plan to give away to other brides.

>> i can't believe that i get to wear it and i would love to do that for someone else , too, and just make their memory just as special.

>> alissa , as somebody who has been through this, having your own wedding and here you have a blushing bride, what is your best advice to her as she gets ready to walk down the aisle?

>> yeah, i mean, when i planned my wedding , we wanted to do good and to have fun and i think that genuine spirit carries through the day, and it's just really a blessing to everyone around you as well.

>> thank you.

>> you two are an inspiration. alissa and renee , thank you so much.

>> it's a great idea, very good, well done.