TODAY   |  November 19, 2012

Add zest to Thanksgiving with lemon thyme pie

When it comes to dessert, pumpkin and apple pies are Thanksgiving staples. But if you’re looking for a sweet finish that’s a little bit different, Giada De Laurentiis shows how to cook up a lemon thyme pie and an apple galette with goat cheese and sour cherry.

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it's on, it's on, it's black friday.

>>> good thing she's here. this morning we're cooking with giada, today contributor and chef, giada de laurentiis . if you're looking for an untraditional dessert, she's got some recipes.

>> what i was saying earlier, when you have a big turkey meal.

>> i'm just lurking over her shoulder.

>> oh, that's right.

>> willie was back there and it seemed odd.

>> a scene from police stories. got something in your nose, no, other side.

>> okay.

>> wait, wait, wait. let's get it together.

>> bring it back.

>> okay.

>> so after a big meal, i personally love to have something with citrus, so instead of apple pie i have something different.

>> cleanse the palate.

>> lem on and thyme.

>> a little savory. egg yolks, sugar and flour.

>> how many?

>> eight.

>> it's not light.

>> still thanksgiving.

>> go ahead and pour.

>> still whisking while you do there this.

>> we'll all whisk together.

>> i feel very left out.

>> okay. let's get in natalie.

>> feels like thanksgiving. family issues coming out.

>> that's what guidea is all about, huh.

>> wow?

>> i am so not coming back. oh, my gosh. i cannot take this.

>> willie and i are sort of hitting each other over here.

>> you can add that.

>> let natalie do something.

>> lemon juice .

>> now the butter has conjacobs field.

>> it's supposed to be melted. vanilla extract and chopped fresh thyme.

>> to save some thyme, you give us permission to get a store-bought crust.

>> so the deal is this. you're making all these things for thanksgiving. there are some things you need to take shortcuts.

>> i had some favorites that i can get at the store, everybody has a store bought crust that they like. mix this together, and pure it in there.

>> you want to move on, i can tell.

>> i heard we had a lot of time.

>> mix it together, pour it in there and bake it off for an hour and a half at 325. this is what it looks like when it's done. you can make it several days before and take it to somebody's house if you want or pull it out and you can eat it chilled or room temperature.

>> may i.

>> you may.

>> what's the difference between a galette and a pie.

>> this is the french version. so what you do is you buy puff pastry just to make it easy. buy puff pastry and take the be ales that you cooked down.

>> any particular apple that you like?

>> i'm using baybern, a mix between sweet and tart but you can do anything you like. i put it in there. cooked this down with lemon juice , butter, cardomom and cinnamon.

>> is there corn starch ?

>> i don't use corn starch . i's a lot of air, ore root.

>> take the puff pastries.

>> rustic looking.

>> totally rustic and after it's baked for an hour, you pull it out and make a topping of goat cheese , sliced almonds.

>> so it's double baked.

>> put it back in for ten minutes and this is what it looked like.

>> this is st. jude. last year i went to st. jude's, one little kid in florida made with this with his mom for me.

>> what a great idea.

>> and i remade it.

>> and we've got it on our website.

>> happy thanksgiving.

>> you'll be here cooking with martha on thursday.

>> i am.

>> we're going to have fun with you.

>> this is good.

>> with martha stewart , i better