TODAY   |  November 19, 2012

More missiles fired as leaders talk truce

Israel’s war to stop Hamas's rockets continued overnight with 100 strikes from the air and sea, according to a count in Gaza. Meanwhile, Hamas retaliated with more than 20 new launches toward southern Israel and Tel Aviv. NBC’s Richard Engel reports.

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>> morning to you.

>> reporter: good morning. matt. not a good time to be a hamas military leader, they are being systematically picked off, killed in their homes, in cars, on motorcycles. many have gone into hiding and turning off their cell phones and avoiding all usual locations. israel 's war to stop hamas ' rockets continued overnight with 100 strikes from the air and sea, according to a count in gaza . but hamas is still able to launch its homemade and iranian-made rockets towards southern israel and even tel aviv . there were around 40 new launches today. not all are hitting their mark pause in israel there's a new national hero , the mobile iron dome defense system, proving to be the most effective of its kind in the world. of the thousand rockets israel says hamas has fired in the last six days, about a third have been intercepted by the iron dome n. gaza there are no air defenses at all and israel appears to have you is peesh intelligence, locating and destroying individual hamas homes at will. this four-story house was flattened this morning. israel first fired warning shots at the building to give people a chance to escape but the attack killed people next door, witnesses say two people.

>> two minutes these houses destroyed, within two minutes.

>> reporter: that's not enough warning.

>> no.

>> reporter: nearby, a police station was leveled. nowhere in gaza feels safe now, and the hamas government has gone underground. this police station was empty when it was bombed. in fact, all hamas government buildings have now been evacuated, and all schools in the gaza strip are closed. but mosques are busy these days. gazans today buried 11 people, including 4 children killed alongside a hamas field commander when his house was attacked yesterday. he was the target. his family and neighbors are part of that horrible wartime collateral damage. serious efforts are under way to reach a cease-fire. the egyptian foreign minister is expected to visit here tomorrow, and a source close to the israeli prime minister said he would prefer a diplomatic solution to a military invasion. natalie?

>> richard angel in gaza , thanks so much.