TODAY   |  November 18, 2012

Tebow on criticism: ‘I’m just trying to do the best I can’  

Last week, unnamed teammates ripped football player Tim Tebow in the papers, saying, “He’s terrible,” and, “We don’t look at him as a quarterback.” It’s the type of criticism Tebow has faced since being traded to the Jets. E!’s Jason Kennedy reports.

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>>> for a lot of folks the name tim tebow conjures up football, faith and tebowing. tebow mania went to a new level when his teammates ripped tebow in the papers. jason kennedy recent ly talked to the quarterback about his time with the jets and his personal life .

>> reporter: tim tebow 's transition to the new york jets hasn't exact ly been all that he's imagined, and it got even rougher this week with unnamed teammates ripping tebow in the papers saying he's terrible and we don't look at him as a quarterback. tim's response, tebow like.

>> i can control my attitude, my effort, and my work ethic.

>> reporter: it's the type of criticism tebow has faced since being traded to the jets as the backup to mark sanchez .

>> the jets have been quiet about what's next for you and your role. what do you hope your role is next for them?

>> just to do the best i can with every opportunity i'm giving and when i'm given those opportunities to make the most of them. i've decided, let's do this!

>> reporter: tebow reflected on his move to new york from denver.

>> it's still not easy to walk around.

>> reporter: what's that transition been like?

>> it's been a whirlwind but it's been a lot of fun. a lot of ups and downs . getting use d to new york /new jersey and trying to contribute to the jets and, you know, trying to win some football games .

>> reporter: tebow has taken steps to protect had his on field exhibition of his faith. something known as tebowing. people have their opinions on why you trademarked tebowing, but what is the real reason behind it?

>> for me getting on a free and praying is a very special deal for me, it's a very special moment. and for me it was honoring that and not letting people try to go out there and make a mockery of it and do a lot of different things. it's kind of keeping the faith.

>> reporter: he also likes to keep safe the details of his dating life. every time i interview you, i ask you if you are dating anybody. has the tim tebow dating train ended? or are you still looking?

>> i have got asked that a lot over the last two weeks, and when i start to talk about it, i will let you know.

>> reporter: you are giving exclusives left and right.