TODAY   |  November 15, 2012

Ashley Greene hopes fans accept ‘Twilight’ changes

Actress Ashley Greene, who plays the vampire Alice in “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2,” talks with TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb about her love of baking  and the differences in the upcoming “Twilight” film and the book on which it’s based.

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>>> it is the final countdown for twi-hards. the last film of "twilight saga breaking dawn part two" opens in theaters.

>> you can bet there won't be an empty seat. ashley green returns as a vampire with a special gift. take a look.

>> what is it, alice?

>> they're coming for us.

>> every time she says that they do.

>> it's true and i'm right.

>> we saw you yesterday. it will be on next week on anderson.

>> that was a crazy show.

>> this is kind of sad in a way. this is the end of this series. i know it's heartbreaking for fans. how is it for you?

>> it's a little sad. we've been doing it for so long and i feel like it's become my family this cast and i've become so comfortable with alice. it's sad it's all coming to an end, but the positive side i think we had a really good run. everyone is really going to like this film. bill ended it in such a beautiful way .

>> is it a surprise ending? people loved all the books. this is the only time they departed from the actual rendering in the book.

>> yes. that was brave of them. you always wonder because there are such avid fans of the books. i think what they did was really cool. i'm excited for people to see it.

>> how did it author feel about it?

>> stephanie is now producer on the film, as well. anything we do totally goes through her.

>> a lot of people know you from this film, but you're just a regular girl who likes to hang out in sweats, you like to bake.

>> we appreciate that.

>> when did that start?

>> probably more recently. probably once i got into this industry. part of it is when my mom comes to visit, that's something we do together. my dad enjoys it because he gets to eat it all. there is something very therapeutic about being in the kitchen and baking. i enjoy et more than cooking. with baking you can't go so wrong. you can experiment a little bit. it's all supposed to taste sweet.

>> will you have an opportunity to bake for your family this thanksgiving? will you be home in jacksonville?

>> yes. i'm going to go home to jacksonville which i wasn't planning to originally, but my dad is going to go to mexico. couldn't let my mom hang out alone.

>> she is here with you in new york.

>> that's why she turned out the way she did.

>> my parents are top notch.

>> tell your whom hi for us.

>> she is watching now.

>> great to see you. she will be starting a new movie down in the new orleans area.

>> you're busy.