TODAY   |  November 15, 2012

Fred Armisen gives hints about this weekend’s ‘SNL’

The election may be over, but the team at “Saturday Night Live” still has plenty of material to work with this weekend. Cast member Fred Armisen drops some hints about what viewers can expect from this week’s edition of the show, guest-starring Jeremy Renner and Maroon 5.

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>>> well, the action may be over, but with the petraeus scandal this week, something tells us there's no shortage of material for the folks at "saturday night live." one of their funniest fred armisen has stopped by.

>> we're all ready imagining the scenarios.

>> it's all surprises, but there'll be good stuff for sure.

>> is it fair to say we'll hear from general petraeus on saturday night?

>> well, i'll give nothing away, but you'll be happy.

>> and jeremy renner hosting.

>> he's an actual actor, you know, from a real film. a real movie star and he's really great and i've been a fan of his for a long time anyway, you know. of "hurt locker," it's a cool movie.

>> how is he rolling from the idea of how things change so quickly and sketches get dropped or added?

>> you don't attach yourself emotionally to anything. because it just changes so much that you go in and do your job and try to be --

>> those of us who have been the rehearsals and see the show, it changes up to the last minute, things will be dropped left and right. makes your job that much harder.

>> you memorize a script and it's gone.

>> people running up to you, this is out. it's like being a soldier or something.

>> i heard jason sudekis in an interview talking about how the crew hates you guys. you know that theme park we were going to do? that's a church. and they have to rebuild it.

>> he had that look, like, what? people hate us?

>> costumes, everything. wigs.

>> meanwhile, we got to know you very well as president obama where you played so brilliantly. jay ferrell has taken on that role. do you miss playing the president?

>> no, i like the constant change at "snl" and makes me feel good about the place. jay is so brilliant. and it's kind of nice because as things move along , you know, it's something to embrace.

>> why was there a change, fred? a lot of people got uncomfortable, everyone identifies the president -- why the change?

>> because of the new, you know, the fact there's like a new presidency, the election and everything. and it's just a good time to do it. the time is right to kind of, you know, let things move on a little bit. and change is always a great thing.

>> you've been on the show -- it's hard to believe you've been on ten years.

>> how do you think i feel?

>> how do you feel?

>> because it's incredible. it does feel like a brand new job to me all the time. maybe because every week there's like a new host and everything, but it's always brand new to me. and it went by in a flash.

>> meanwhile, you have a new book out, as well. you're also an author, based on your show.

>> yeah, that's the one and i wrote it with kari brownstein and a couple other writers from the show. and that's it right there.

>> it's a hilarious show, by the way. the premise, kind of hipsters.

>> like a fake travel book for portlandia, this fictional place , this fictional city .

>> a hipster's bible.

>> i'll take it.

>> i think we need to go to portlandia.

>> we're hipsters. we need to go to get hip.

>> exactly.

>> thank you.

>> all right. i've been --