TODAY   |  November 15, 2012

Scottos cook up Thanksgiving dinner, Italian style

Marion, Anthony, and Elaina Scotto show how you can bring a little Italian flavor to your Thanksgiving meal, whipping up roast turkey with sausage and rice stuffing, agnolotti with roasted pumpkin, salmon and lobster, and a dessert of baked pumpkins.

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>>> "today's holiday kitchen" is brought to you by ocean spray . tastes good, good for you.

>> this morning in "today's holiday kitchen," an italian thanksgiving courtesy of the scotto familia. of the new york restaurant. what do you like in the kitchen at the scotto family thanksgiving.

>> i brought those aromas to fresco now. our beautiful turkey, our famous stuffing, which is rice and sausage and, oh -- and it's the best.

>> wow.

>> now we're going to do --

>> like ravioli.

>> it is, but it's made in a triangle. what's the stuffing here?

>> oh, this stuffing -- would you mix that for me, please?

>> absolutely.

>> it is pumpkin. and then we're adding some maple syrup .

>> oh.

>> and some nutmeg.

>> why -- why is there --

>> ahh --

>> okay. okay. the syrup makes it a little sweet. so then you hard boil it, the topping here is butter and sage.

>> mm-mmm. and that's what we're doing. natalie, give me some nuts because they'll kill me here. they get so vicious with me.

>> this family.

>> all right.

>> during thaifnksgiving we can't just do a thanksgiving menu, we have to do something else. we thought of a great salmon dish we could do and use a lobster succotash. we've cubed and quartered and cleaned artichokes. i've sauteed garlic and onion to start with. we have the cubed --

>> lobster.

>> we're going to add a little to this, tomato for color.

>> that's beautiful.

>> little salt, little pepper, and we're going to in a sense stew that down. you want to get it a little soft, lobster's cooked, no big deal . all these textures and flavors just terrific.

>> the lobster was salt and pepper , light seasoning.

>> yeah, let me get to that. but the lobster was cooked down, we pulled out the lobster so it's not out of the stock. then we're going to take this salmon and cook it skin side down, it's got to be scheming hot. if not, it's going to stick. we take it rare, put it on top of the succotash, the succotash is just going to melt into your mouth. and then you're going to finish it with just -- and this is online for you, the recipe, just a little caper and white wine and lemon sauce.

>> beautiful. delicious. all right. all yours.

>> okay. so we are doing a maple apple bread pudding .

>> nice.

>> and i'm going to start here with some eggs and milk. and al, would you get me some sugar.

>> brown sugar ?

>> light brown sugar. vanilla.

>> all right.

>> cinnamon. and we're going to mix this all together, some maple syrup please. a pinch of salt.

>> all right.

>> and we mix this all together. and what we like to call this is rustic bread. however it would otherwise be known as stale bread . so take some old bread, throw it in, add some apples.

>> all right.

>> we're going to mix that all up and here, look how cute, we've taken our pumpkin, cleaned it out, and now we stuff it, and once we do that, we have the oven at 350, and we bake it for about 45 minutes.

>> that's beautiful.

>> it's great.

>> the recipes at