TODAY   |  November 15, 2012

Lauren Scruggs reveals what she saw in the mirror

In this excerpt from Natalie Morales’ interview with Lauren Scruggs, the former model describes what she saw the first time she looked in the mirror after accidentally walking into a spinning plane propeller.

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>>> nearly a year ago, lauren scrubs was severely injured when she walked into a plane propeller.

>> she sat down for an exclusive interview to talk about that horrible accident.

>> you also write about the first time you looked at yourself in the mirror. after the accident. what did you see?

>> i think i just saw the reality of what had happened. and i had my eye patch on and i didn't have my hand and half my head was shaved, and i was just thinking, wow. i mean -- again, how life can change in an instant and how that's not the way i have looked in the past.

>> natalie will have much more tomorrow night on "dateline," and lauren and her parents will be here for an exclusive interview tomorrow on "today." announcer