TODAY   |  November 15, 2012

Sandra Lee’s money-saving meals and wine under $20

Food Network star Sandra Lee shows you don’t have to spend a lot to make a delicious holiday meal. She pairs inexpensive dishes, like crispy potatoes with cheesy eggs and Cornish game hens with garlic and lemon, with wines that all cost under $20.

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>>> kitchen," we are pairing money-saving meals with wines that cost under $20 too. and when she's not busy with her food network show, sandra's restaurant, sandra lee is hard at work on her new magazine and the first issue is out now. good morning to you.

>> good morning, my dear.

>> we've got great recipes going. are these the things we would find in the magazine?

>> exactly what you're going to find in the magazine. great wine pairings under $20 combined with fabulous foods. i'm paying attention to my eggs here.

>> this is crispy potatoes and cheese eggs.

>> i've got grated potatoes, heavy on the salt and pepper , little bit of olive oil in the pan. butter first.

>> can't skip the butter.

>> what am i thinking?

>> key step.

>> as the butter goes in, bottom of the pan, it'll melt as you go, that's fine. now, p out it in there, pat it down flat, you have a potato pancake . flip that after five minutes.

>> you want me to flip this?

>> go ahead.

>> you're a brave woman .

>> go for it.

>> i don't want to mess it up.

>> i know you now how to do it. this is some crown royal going into my cheese mixture. now in here was just shallots that i took a little bit of butter and sauteed up until they're soft, flour goes in there, two tablespoons, you want to cook that for two minutes until the flour taste comes out. the milk goes in half and half , and you want to put in your whiskey, bourbon.

>> what kind of cheese did you use?

>> any kind of soft cheese you like. you know, i like, frankly, i like munster provolone. look at how cheesy that is.

>> yum.

>> on top of your potato pancake they go. sorry about the bottom of the pan.

>> this looks like comfort food to me.

>> this is a gorgeous dish. now, on top of there would go -- just some caviar on top of there and a little bit of chives and some cheese sauce.

>> great.

>> now this is great for a brunch, but also fantastic for breakfast for dinner. let's talk about wine. this is butterfly kiss , hints of pear, mango, and lemon, the price point at $12.99. buy this where they sell wines. where i come from, they sell wine in the grocery store.

>> me too. and champagne, would you pair that with it too?

>> either/or. that would be beautiful, as well. that bottle is going to be just under $20 at $19.99.

>> great.

>> and now back here, let's go quickly. if you don't have time for a big turkey dinner, we are going to do game hens. this is what i'm making, no the the big turkey .

>> okay.

>> this is in the magazine. lemon and garlic paired beautifully. this is $17.99. very full-bodied.

>> great.

>> lots of spice and it's elegant and smooth.

>> you throw them in the oven?

>> that's got olive oil , lemon, garlic, that's it. about 20 to 25 minutes per pound.

>> what's for dessert?

>> and dessert is in the slow cooker. this is a beautiful, hot mocha cake. you take some chocolate cake mix, you want this?

>> just a fork, yeah. thank you.

>> all right.

>> so it's just a cake mix , make it normal, but on top you put the instant pudding and 2 cups of warm milk and marshmallows cook it down. this is $11.99 a bottle.

>> the price is right on that. professionals after your local