TODAY   |  November 13, 2012

8 cooking gadgets to make Thanksgiving easier

Prepping for the largest feat of the year can be overwhelming, but no matter what your culinary skill level, Rob Van Winkle, host of “The Vanilla Ice Project,” shows how you can make a stunning spread with a few handy kitchen tools and gadgets.

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>>> this morning on "today's tech," cool tools for thanksgiving, prepping for the largest feast of the year can be overwhelming, as many of you know but we've got devices to help you create a stunning spread with ease. rob van winkle , aka vanilla ice is a gadget expert and host of dyi's vanilla gadget. a bit of an ulterior motive for you being here. one d.

>> got to be a part of it and bring the kids out and enjoy it.

>> you've got little girls. got to take care of little girls.

>> absolutely.

>> i love this. talking thermometer.

>> amazing, set it and forget it. you don't have to come hovering over the oven anymore and look in and see is it done? is it done? don't overdo it. this thing does all the homework for you.

>> clip it on the belt, watch the football game and tells you on your belt.

>> tells you on your bell. it will talk to you as well, so it will give you a little alarm and tell you, hey, it's just about ready.

>> love that.

>> get up and get it ready.

>> hard to screw up a turkey with that, know what i mean .

>> two parts and it's pretty simple.

>> this is critical because a lot of us, you cook the bird well and then you screw it up with the knife. got some help for us.

>> know the cordless drill. that made the old screwdriver just obsolete.

>> right.

>> this is another thing here.

>> that's a heavy piece of equipment, yeah.

>> you just come in and, you know, cordless. it's amazing because basically you don't have to drag around a cord. you get the job done quick and easy. its cleanup is real easy.

>> an update on an old standard.

>> nothing to it. high tech and state of the art .

>> know we've got to open bottles of wine here. that's the key.

>> yes, we do. a whole challenge for you. this is a new high-tech device right here. lights up really cool but it's made to remove that cork, fast and effortless.

>> you want to race.

>> old fashioned.

>> let's do it.

>> on your mark, get set, go. i'm giving you a head start there.

>> oh.

>> you know what, willie, you cheated. you took that off.

>> thank you. i love it.

>> i did tend a little bar.

>> yes.

>> you used a little muscle behind that.

>> loosened it beforehand, too.

>> grandma might not have as much strength.

>> that was a good device.

>> effortless. you applied effort.

>> i did, more than you should actually. what are we talking here. got some wine chill drops we can pop in.

>> the ice babies right here.

>> oh, yeah.

>> you get a bottle of wine. it's warm. room temperature. want it chilled real quickly. this is the fastest way. pull one of these things out, drop it in, up to a minute and you're done.

>> is that right? pull it out and enjoy your wine. simple as a pimple.

>> this i've not seen before. there's onion goggles.

>> onion goggles, out now, baby. chop away. let's put them on.

>> 30 seconds here.

>> and they look cool.

>> they do. it's a hot look around the table.

>> i like it.

>> cut 'em up.

>> just saves you the tears basically.

>> no tears involved, and -- and that's it.

>> i love it. very cool.

>> what's your favorite thing over here. the digital scale for measuring?

>> digital measuring scale right here. measures in weight which is great because, you know, some menus are, you know, they go off of the weight as opposed to ounces or whatever.

>> strikes me as a little lazy, but i'll give you that one.

>> that's why you want the high-tech gadgets like that. this one is really cool. takes out the fat. there's the chili.

>> it's cold.

>> sucks it right out. sucks it right out and makes it a little bit healthier for you.

>> rob van winkle , pleasure. sorry i beat you over there. we all get a little competitive.