TODAY   |  November 13, 2012

Rent clothes for fast-growing tots, keep out clutter

Little kids outgrow their clothing quickly, and with so many cute clothing options out there, the clutter can pile up fast. NBC’s Mara Schiavocampo, mom to baby girl Nina, tests out two different companies that allow you to rent baby clothes for less stress and mess.

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>>> and this morning on " small business today" renting baby clothes. a booming trend that can save parents big bucks . nbc's mara schiavocampo checked out companies providing designer duds for your little one. good morning, mara .

>> good morning, natalie. as a parent myself i know how fast kids outgrow their baby clothing and with so many cute clothing the clutter piles up fast. now there's a new way to shop for kids' clothing and the goal is to leave you with less mess and less stress. when it comes to online fashion, borrowing is big business from sites like rent the runway to bag, borrow or steal. now several sites are catering to the littlest fashionistas.

>> this is for kate.

>> reporter: for stay-at-home margaret sweatman kiddie couture comes right to your door. she rents designer clothes for her girls from the website

>> i was super excited because the clothes were adorable, and i could actually afford them.

>> reporter: the site offers high-end designer brands like dior, stella mccartney for up for two week rentals, the cost, $20 to $160 a week, less than a quarter of the retail price . because it's special occasion i can justify spending more than i would on a regular play dress, and i think the cost of the couture dress is comparable to what i would buy at the mall.

>> reporter: this company was fineded by parents of two parents a little over a year ago. they got the idea when trying to outfit their oldest son for a wedding, realizing he'd probably never wear the suit again.

>> children are growing so quickly that often when you go from one special occasion to another they are not the same size.

>> reporter: borrow baby couture has three roofs designer inventory at their office in baltimore. current season trends for girls 9 months to 4 years. everything is professionally cleaned when it comes back from a rental so parents don't have to stress over a mess.

>> accidents happen. we'll make it work.

>> reporter: the average household spends around $13,000 every year on their child. to keep costs down, many parents turn to the web for cheaper clothing. at busy moms and dads can make money. the site sells gently used kids clothes for what they would cost new. each order comes with a postage back that parents can fill with old clothes and send back with a credit.

>> you can get good clothes and give you an exit strategy for old clothes as well.

>> this is about being with your money, finding the right items that fit and are needed for your baby and being a savvier shopper.

>> reporter: for margaret's girls they are getting more than a good deal, they get to feel like princesses.

>> everyone is oohing and awing, they appreciate it. they are little girls and they innately know style.

>> reporter: turning to the web to play real life dressup. and we have a very special baby model here. this is nina.

>> a lot to say.

>> talkative just like mommy.

>> and she's wearing robert oero carvalhi.

>> and in her purse, by the way, what else would she have.

>> but a pacifiepacifier.

>> you went this for 25% of retail so it gives people an option for a special occasion .

>> not extremely cheap, but if it's a special occasion some people do it for photos, holiday photo, a really nice piece of clothing they can remember and take pictures in.

>> christenings, weddings.

>> can i borrow her for a little bit, mara schiavocampo,