TODAY   |  November 13, 2012

Get a sneak peek at 2012 Thanksgiving parade floats

John Piper of Macy’s Parade Studio shares inside information about the newest floats that will promenade through midtown Manhattan next week during the 86th annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

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>> sneak at the newest parade floats that will fly for midtown manhattan for the 86th's macy's day parade. john piper joins us to show us the new floats this year. good morning, john.

>> good morning. and we are taking one direction right to thanksgiving, including the goldfish have got the parade in fashion with their joined goldfish balloon and the parade following behind them, but another new one is sprout. and sprout is joining us with a whole daytime to nighttime feel with nighttime up in their giant treehouse. another great sensation. we are stirring up holiday sensations with domino sugar and the world's largest mixing bowl , making a cookie press that goes around.

>> got the turtles.

>> ninja turtles .

>> all the train cars that are carrying the kids, cook "smackdown!" the parade route, and i'm telling you what, this year music is our life. a great convert view of everything happening with lights and a lot of excitement, and nothing is more excitement than right where i'm at now which is on the teenage mutant ninja turtle float with raphael, michelangelo, donatella and leonardo who are ready to give it to you for thanksgiving.

>> wow.

>> make sure you bring pizza.

>> and coffee, don't forget the