TODAY   |  November 13, 2012

Bradley Cooper tells ‘everybody’ he’s De Niro’s friend

The star of the new film “Silver Linings Playbook,” talks about working with co-star Robert De Niro, whom he describes as “a superior human being,” and jokes about needing to “decompress” after People magazine replaces him with a new Sexiest Man Alive.

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>>> playbook." he plays pat solitano, a guy who moves back home after leaving a mental institution , an adjustment for everyone especially when pat wakes up his parents in the middle of the night to discuss things like ernest hemingway . take a look.

>> the whole time you're rooting for this hemingway guy to survive the war and be with the woman he loves, katherine barkley.

>> it's 4:00 in the morning, pat.

>> and he does. he survives the war, after getting blown up. he survives it and escapes to switzerland with katherine. you think he ends it there? no. she dies, dad! i mean, the world's hard enough as it is, guys. can't someone say let's be positive? let's have a good ending to the story.

>> bradley cooper , welcome back.

>> thanks for having me.

>> i'm going to start with the question but you know the questions already. what happened for folks at home i left my copy of bradley's interview questions for bradley on the table.

>> i did, had to take a gander. didn't know what it was and then i saw what was circled.

>> you cheated, read the whole interview, looked right down to the bottom which i said oh, no.

>> now i know which ones you don't want to get to. talk to me about the character. i saw this last week and first of all explain why he was in the mental institution in the first place.

>> he actually was a plea bargain that he made with the courts because he was arrested for beating -- almost beating this guy to death who he caught cheating on him with his wife in the shower, and then when he made the plea bargain he said i'll just go into a mental institution and plead insanity and while there he gets diagnosed as being bipolar.

>> which is a pretty good diagnosis for this guy. he walks a very fine line throughout this entire movie between being a guy who is adjusted or somewhat well adjusted and a guy that's completely out of control.

>> very keen on making authentic and bipolarity, like snow flakes, no two are the same. and we had to be specific. this guy has anger management issues based on tryingers that occur and one trigger is a song.

>> robert de niro plays your farther, and at first we look and say, okay, this is a great casting of a guy to play a father. as we get to know his character more we understand more about where the insanity in your character comes from.

>> it's true. everybody is served a little bit on the fringe in this movie. robert de niro plays a character who has major obsessive compulsive disorder

>> you didn't want to do this, or you weren't sure you wanted to do this part when you first read the script, and i understand that he was one of the people who had confidence and said, no, you absolutely should do it.

>> no, it's true, and he also kind of championed me to get the role, and i read initially. i'm from philly, an italian-american, love the eaglesing everything i didn't have to work on, and i thought this role isn't really right for me but because it's because i'm scared because david shoots movies where you have to really do it, and it was demanding. bob said don't worry about it.

>> you mentioned loving for the eagles, for those watching why is that so important in the eagles play an important part in that movie, love for the football team and on a side note you have emotional memories of the eagles as well. your dad passed away in 2011 and one of the things you got to do with him.

>> took him to the playoff game the sunday before he died. yeah. got to go on the field. it was pretty amazing, yeah.

>> mentioned robert de niro was here yesterday, and one of the things he talked about was that he likes to give advice to younger actors, and i asked him, first of all, he said you and he had become friends.

>> that's nice.

>> does that ever sound surreal as an actor?

>> i tell everybody we're friends so it's nice that he says it once in a while so i don't seem like some psychotic fan.

>> he said you're a bit of a stalker, but you have also become friends. but he did say he's offered you advice or talked to you about the business. what do you take away from his experience?

>> oh, man, and i do seek his advice a lot. he's not lying about that. more as an example. the guy has been in the business for over 40 years and attacks itted with the same veracity and enjoyment i still do, and besides that he's a great human being . he's a family man, love his more or less and the way he walks through life.

>> and makes incredible choices.

>> he's a superior human being .

>> this is a very important day in your life for another reason, and you saw that because you actually penned it out here at the bottom.

>> thought i got rid of the page.

>> this is the last official day.

>> i know.

>> your reign, unless you somehow pull the repeat here.

>> well, you know, i was backing to bloomberg last night and said how can we pull this off?

>> hoe can we do this?

>> take term limits out.

>> teach me, show me the way , wise one.

>> unless anything happens you'll no longer tomorrow when "people" magazine names its new sexiest man in the universe you'll no longer hold that title. traditionally how does the sexiest man on the planet spend the last night of his reign.

>> instituted with clooney but a whole decompression. after this i get whisked away to somewhere in wisconsin and they talk me down for about a week.

>> somehow i don't think there's you alone in the room. others involved in this decompression?

>> i think matt damon runs it now.

>> in the middle of shooting "hangover 3."

>> five?

>> somehow that going?

>> it's amazing, you know. that was like once in a lifetime or three times in a lifetime.

>> fan of the first two. i know i'll be a fan of the third one. nice to have you here. changed the dynamic and erica downstairs will never be the same. "silver linings playbook" opens in select theaters on friday and nationwide on november 21st , check it out.