TODAY   |  November 13, 2012

Family: Scandal will ‘brand’ Jill Kelley ‘for life’

Those who know the two women at the center of General David Petraeus’ affair scandal are speaking out. Jill Kelley’s brother says she is “dedicated” to her husband, while Paula Broadwell’s friend calls her “a pretty great person.” NBC’s Kristen Welker reports.

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>>> let's begin this half hour with more on the women involved in the scandal that led to the resignation of david petraeus . people who know them best are now speaking out. nbc's kristen welker is in washington with more on this. kristen , good morning.

>> reporter: matt, good morning to you. marine general john allen 's involvement in this scandal is just coming out, but we know paula broadwell and jill kelley are two moms who live nearly 600 miles apart, but now they are both entangled in this same scandal and under a very unwanted microscope.

>> realize that this is something that's going to brand her for life.

>> reporter: david kwam is the brother of jill kelley , the woman who ultimately exposed the david petraeus affair and dismissed the notion that gel kelley is anything but a friend.

>> she's a mother, extremely dedicated. number two, she's a wife and she's extremely been dedicated to her husband and he to her, so for her to have an affair with general petraeus is completely ludicrous.

>> mrs. kelley , how are you doing?

>> kelley , seen leaving her tampa home monday, described petraeus as a longtime family friend in a joint statement she issued with her husband scott in which they asked for privacy. law enforcement sources say kelley told the fbi in may that someone was sending her anonymous harassing e-mails. fbi later discovered that paula broadwell , petraeus ' biographer, was the one sending them and that broadwell and petraeus were having an extramarital affair . frequently fund-raising for the wounded war years program, the kelleys often socialized with petraeus and his wife holly. right now kelley 's brother is offering full support.

>> the conversations i've had with her is i love you and we're here for you for whatever you need.

>> reporter: meanwhile monday night fbi agents removed items from broadwell 's home. foreign policy expert michael o'hanlon has known petraeus and paula for years.

>> paula 's a pretty great person, a person with amazing interests in our country's security.

>> reporter: broadwell , shown here in afghanistan, embedded on an intelligence mission in 2010 , had unprecedented access to petraeus as she researched her book, later calling petraeus her mentor.

>> as a sort of academic mentor of mine, if you will. he's proud that i've been able to do this.

>> reporter: while some former aides to broadwell describe her as calculating, o'hanlon says her family life in north carolina with her husband scott and two children tell a different story.

>> however big a mistake she's made and it's huge, that this is a person who worked hard, worked hard to raise her kids, worked hard to do a good job with the book.

>> reporter: there is another woman deeply affected by this scandal and that's holly petraeus , general petraeus ' wife of more than 30 years. petraeus ' former aides tell me it is an understatement to say that she is infuriated right now. we have reached out to the petraeuses, the broadwells and kelleys but have not heard back. matt?

>> kristen welker, thanks very much.