TODAY   |  November 12, 2012

Father and son behind ‘Dragon baby’ viral video

Canadian filmmaker Patrick Boivin’s video “Dragon Baby,” which shows his son Romeo “fighting” a stuffed dragon with kung-fu moves, has earned nearly 20 million hits and counting on YouTube. He tells TODAY’s Matt Lauer how he created the action.

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>>> videos that make us smile every time we see it. a toddler using kung fu moves to fight a stuffed dragon. the dragon baby was created by filmmaker patrick boivin and now has nearly 20 million hits and counting on youtube. patrick is here now with his son, the star of the video. romeo elvis. he's mesmerized.

>> good morning, guys. how are you?

>> good morning to both of you.

>> we're good.

>> are you a filmmaker by trade.

>> yeah.

>> how does this idea come to you?

>> well, it's an easy idea. it's the kind of idea that i think everybody can have and probably the last one that did have the idea so i can do it and that's why i came up with this.

>> you can do it because you know special effects , let's be honest. just about everything in here other than maybe that shot of him sitting there was done through special effects . how hard was that?

>> it's a pretty long process. in fact, the way i did it is that i started by designing costumes. small ones and large ones, and then i shot two stunt men fighting doing the kung fu moves and shot my kid like right now, and i took the shoulders and the head and slide it over the guy.

>> lots of editing.

>> you needed romeo's position so he could be in the right position.

>> endless.

>> how long does something like this take?

>> would i say two months, yeah, because i didn't have a big team. i did pretty much by myself. a good friend of mine did the costumes, and --

>> uh-oh.

>> you know --

>> now you did one with your daughter and went viral as well, marguerite, 16 million hits. this one has over 20 million hits. does that surprise you?

>> i'm not suspecting 20 million in a week. i knew that this viral video that we did two years ago, i did it with a good friend of mine. when we were working on it, we knew that it would go viral because "iron man" was a big thing.

>> can i borrow you to make a couple of videos of my kids? great to