TODAY   |  November 09, 2012

Stay warm all winter with discounted jackets, gloves

TODAY contributor Jill Martin brings her latest steals and deals, including deeply discounted Kenneth Cole jackets and Isotoner gloves, as well as holiday photo cards and beauty products.

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>>> time for our popular series "jill's steals and deals" with deeply discounted prices. jill martin is back to take us through some great deals this morning. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> okay. first up starting to get a little cold outside. a perfect time to put on one of these jackets.

>> right.

>> from kenneth cole .

>> look how great these are. these are only four of the styles. we have nine total. the retail $195 to $345. you see in a lot of them there's vests that you can take out and so you just have the jacket depending on the weather like today.

>> it looks like for men or women.

>> right. four men's styles five women's styles. in a variety of colors. you see right here there is a detachable hood, down jackets, pea coats. check on the website. we have a description for each. the retail $195 to $345. the deals $59 to $79. that's up to 77% off.

>> perfect. next, beauty packages from wish. these smell so good.

>> these are great. the retail $85. they're offering the best selling vanilla spice set, limited holiday edition. each set includes six ounces of organic products . the vanilla spice body wash, the shave cream , sugar scrub, and the body butter. now it's big with celebrities. ashley olsen , selena gomez , the retail $85. the deal $19.50. that's 77% off.

>> great teachers gifts.

>> yes. i love this. it comes in this box.

>> fantastic. okay. also another good gift. gloves from iso toner. these are perfect because they have the fingers so you can work your gadgets.

>> when i was coming in today people were already sleeping outside for one direction so they can use these.

>> right.

>> they also have --

>> can you believe they're outside four days ahead?

>> i know. they have the smart touch so you can use them on most of your gadgets. the retail is $44 to $45. this is the new, improved 2.0 gloves for men and women. the thumb, index, and the middle finger are embroidered with a conductive thread that allows you to use your touch screen . the men's gloves come in black. the women's colors here, how much fun.

>> great.

>> five bright colors. retail $44 the deal $13.50 up to 70% off.

>> fantastic.

>> send them outside after this.

>> 'tis the season to start ordering your christmas cards . you have a great deal for us from their gift certificates for personalized holiday cards from the stationary studio.

>> the retail $72 for 24 cards. logon to we'll bring you. you get this e certificate. this is redeemable from november 9th to december 31st . you upload your photo then get the blank envelopes and they'll ship it so you can use it for holiday cards, new year's cards. you go on and print out the certificate and then you can use it from november 9th to december 31st . for a little extra you can even get your address personalized on the back of the envelope. you have that option. the retail $72. the deal $21.60.

>> for 72 cards.

>> for 24 cards personalized with the envelopes.

>> okay.

>> that is 70% off.

>> amazing. great deal. okay. and then last but not least, great jewelry. we're seeing you modeling it for us right there. i love it.

>> if you can see them on me, i'm actually wearing them. anything you have you can layer them also. and this is a great gift because look how they come packaged.

>> beautiful.

>> the retail $192. now they're diamonds on silver approximately five millimeters. the cord is 100% cotton. these are amazing gifts. everyone was walking by and said i love them.

>> the moon, the star, the tear drop. a heart.