TODAY   |  November 09, 2012

What’s in? Chris Brown, Rihanna’s new single, more

Terrence Jenkins and Alicia Quarles of E! News and fashion and beauty expert Jenn Falik share the latest in entertainment, celebrity gossip, and style, including Chris Brown and Rihanna’s new collaboration, and the resurgence in the popularity of tea time.

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>>> what's new, what's up, what's in. as we get set for the weekend ahead we have three experts to help us out.

>> let's get started with what is new in entertainment. tarrance jenkins makes his debut on monday. good morning and congratulations.

>> thank you. i love your intro music.

>> you like that?

>> super cool.

>> just for you. let's talk about what's happening this weekend. everybody is talking about sky fall. al, natalie, they've seen it and said it might be the best bond movie yet.

>> it is absolutely the best bond movie . i've seen almost all of them and it's my favorite. we're celebrating the 50th anniversary of james bond and he is stronger than ever. this movie is projected to do $73 million to $76 million and will be the biggest yet.

>> it's already exploded overseas and now coming to the united states . another one a lot of people looking at "wreck it ralph" an animated movie .

>> i took my 7-year-old nephew to see the film. i thought he'd enjoy it but as an '80s baby i loved the movie more than he did. when sonic came out, i don't want to give away too many surprises but if you are a video game fan you'll love it.

>> we have to talk about "twilight." taylor lautner is here.

>> i pulled up to 30 rock and saw taylor lautner . he is walking down the street right now. his shirt is off. i don't know why. it's cold outside, taylor. put a shirt on, man.

>> he can't help himself.

>> he's excited about this movie and so are we. young girls across the world are already camping out in front of movie theaters for this film.

>> a big week here. we have taylor here today and on tuesday one direction comes with their new album out next week.

>> this is exciting times. this is their sophomore project. plans to be bigger than ever. i can't wait to see them on stage.

>> before i let you go your sit down interview with chris brown , tell me what you got out of him.

>> i saw a young man with a tumultuous three years and what i saw from him now is that he's really trying to make some positive changes in his life. he just wants to do the right thing and change.

>> thank you and congratulations.

>> thank you. monday, man.

>> thanks.

>>> savannah?

>> willie, thanks. moving on to what's up, alicia kyles is a correspondent for e news. let's pick up where they left off. you spoke to rihanna recently about her new collaboration with chris brown .

>> i did. rihanna has a new album called unapologetic and has a single on there with chris brown called "nobody's business." i asked her what are you trying to say with the song? she said it's self-explanatory. the song sings about wanting to be together and saying, hey, get out of our business. tumultuous relationship.

>> let's talk about hurricane sandy. nbc did the benefit concert, raised $23 million, and a lot of celebrities are stepping up as well and giving to hurricane relief.

>> people are using their platform for good. lady gaga has pledged $1 million to new york and the red cross . jerry seinfeld is doing several stand up routines that will be donating the money to hurricane sandy. a lot of people are out there. susan sarandon tonight is doing a fundraiser. we might have to stop by.

>> speaking of celebrating, demi moore had a big 50th birthday party .

>> she is turning 50 this weekend but is celebrating in style. she was in abu dhabi , went to india to be with naomi campbell and her boyfriend who had a big party. she has had a rough year, was in rehab, a break up with ashton kutcher and maybe she is trying to turn it around.

>> sad news about brooke charvet and thyroid cancer .

>> she said she wanted to tell everybody because people will see the scar but it is ironic she said because this is the healthiest she ever felt in her life so she can't believe she has cancer.

>> all right. good to see you.

>> thanks. finally what is in. our beauty and style expert is here with everything trendy. let's start off with these. love these.

>> leather leggings.

>> or pleather.

>> i love these. then we've got pleather, $35 and under.

>> okay.

>> the best thing about these, they add edge like a cozy winter sweater over there or a big trend last fall were the secretary glasses and very feminine, polished, lady like looks. pair that with this and it's edgy and feels very new for the season.

>> boots or heels, looks great. let's move over .

>> this is the season to start playing hostess. you found a sight that is going to help us do that.

>> yes. mint has launched party decor. i call it pinterest induced paranoia. you see these amazing parties and you can't create it so mint it does it for you. they're inspired by independent designers and look home made but in the best possible way. you maybe could have done it if you were really talented.

>> it all comes delivered and ready to go.

>> with little thank you notes included and everything. you don't have to do a thing. fun little straws. cupcake stands.

>> fantastic. i love it. flavored tea. but this is not just chamomile tea . all kinds of flavors now.

>> yes. tea is huge. lady gaga is always carrying her little tea cup . a big resurgence in tea parties. david's tea is opening up all over the united states . the flavors are amazing. movie night with popcorn, banana nut bread , carrot cake and the classic black and green teas and they have these great -- i love these. this is a steeping mug. you put the tea right on the top when you're done so it's not messy.

>> perfect.

>> store it right in the microwave. this is the new thing. celebs loving their tea.

>> quickly for men it's sort of going back to the country here. right? as i understand hunting gear and that look.

>> very manly. this is like not your grandpa's christmas sweater. a moose track shirt. seeing a lot of antlers. american eagle hat. even for home stuff, a desk tray for men with antlers.

>> thanks so much. now out to savannah with a special