TODAY   |  November 08, 2012

Mom gets ‘chic’ makeover for family wedding

Stylist to the stars Louis Licari and TODAY contributor Jill Martin transform two women plucked from the plaza: one whose husband of 30 years simply can’t get enough of her, and another whose transformation brings her sibling to tears.

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>>> we're back with more on this thirsty thursday, and it's time for our plaza ambush makeover where two women in our crowd.

>> showing off their skills as always, our resident makeover team. today contributor and style to the stars louis bakari.

>> he is a hit.

>> and "today" and " us weekly " contributor joan martin. it was kind of a cold, icky day. sdhoo this is the aftermath of the storm, so the crowd was a little weak, but we still found great candidates. don't you think, jill?

>> pattinson fans and a few makeovers.

>> she's 50 years old from orlando, florida. she relies on her 23-year-old daughter who dresses her, so she jumped at the chance for a brand new look. let's take a look at her story.

>> well, i feel like everyone needs a makeover after the past week, but you're in town for a family wedding, so what are we going for here?

>> well, i always like to look great for my husband, and we have a family wedding on friday night, and i haven't seen them in years. my siblings and relatives and everything, so i want to look awesome. hot.

>> i like that she wants to wow you after 30 years. what do you think about that?

>> i love being wowed every day, so i'm a lucky man.

>> how cute is that? tom, you're going to keep your blind fold on, if you won't mind, until you get the green light to take it off. here is susan before. all right. susan, let's see the new you.

>> wow. whoa. cool. all right. tom, you ready?

>> i'm ready.

>> look at your bride.

>> wow. good job.

>> ready to see yourself? wait. wait. wait. here comes hubby. he likes it.

>> it worked.

>> wow.

>> you look beautiful.

>> look right at camera 12.

>> that's a transition.

>> that's a transition.

>> transformation. you know, she talked about how for 30 years they are still so sexually connected, and how great --

>> what did you say?

>> sexually connected. how is that. they're hot for each other.

>> that was very important to them that she just wanted to maintain that little vavoom quality. bridget gave her that great haircut.

>> bridget , love her.

>> isn't she the best? what she did is kept it simple because of the texture of her hair. long in the front, short in the babying. great style. the epitomy of morning city chic. i toned down the back of that hair and left that little piece of brightness around the front just to give it an accent.

>> it's very modern and beautiful. and give your va-va-voom turn.

>> this is something you could wear all the time. this is by maggie london. it's an already made wrap dress .

>> they're wonderful.

>> just with that little detail, and then the cuff is kansas scott and --

>> fabulous.

>> he wants you over there with him.

>> shout out to -- elementary school .

>> all right. our second lady is lisa . she's 33 from the bronx. as a single mother of two children, her beauty routine of day consists of throwing her hair back in a ponytail, and she was thrilled at the opportunity to be pampered for just a few hours. let's listen to her story.

>> you came here for pattinson, and now you are getting a makeover. it's a good treat.

>> very happy to be here getting a makeover. this is the first time.

>> and you're a little shocked?

>> yes, i'm very shocked.

>> and excited. i'll say that for you. what do you think about it?

>> she deserves it. it's been a long time coming. she needs this makeover.

>> thank you. so sweet.

>> sisters can say that and sound sweet. other people can't, but she's here with her sister, ereka.

>> look at erika.

>> who is ready, and we will take one last look at lisa before and bring out the new lisa .

>> oh, wow. beautiful. yes.

>> look right there at camera 12.

>> take it off? you ready?

>> wow. oh, my --

>> you look good.

>> it's awesome.

>> you look really good.

>> take a look at yourself , hon.

>> oh, my --

>> you look gorgeous.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> you are gorgeous.

>> thank you so much.

>> here we go.

>> you look right here at camera 12.

>> why don't we prepare for this?

>> tell us.

>> first of all, lisa , as you both said, she is an absolutely exquiz it beautiful woman. she just ignored her looks. what i did is i softened her hair color . i made it a slightly lighter brown, but she's a perfect brunette. haircut by bridget , and, of course, the makeup all soft and pretty. it was brought together.

>> thank you.

>> you look --

>> well, there's the story.

>> what do you think?

>> she's beautiful. that's just -- no words.

>> ah.

>> that's --

>> we had so much fun picking out a dress, but she says i don't have a little black dress , so now you do, and this one is from london times .