TODAY   |  November 08, 2012

‘Man’s best helper’ fetches water – from the fridge!

Jackson the dog has spent a couple of months training with his owner and has developed a variety of tricks, including opening and closing doors, fetching his Frisbee and the TV remote, and even getting water out of the refrigerator.

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>>> this was tammy's house five minutes ago when we said come, on union city , turn the lights on in union county , and guess what happens. seriously, we just said it. that's all she wanted for her birthday.

>> i can't believe that happened as we said it.

>> you dug up a good video, huh?

>> i did. i did. they say dogs are a man's best friend , but jackson is man's best helper, and he does everything to help get ready for a game of frisbee. when we come back it out.

>> can you close that door? nice. good job. hey, where is the remote control? good job. good boy. do you have a frisbee around here somewhere? i think it was in the bedroom. i think i saw it. where is your frez by? go get it. there it is. good boy. oops. can you put it in my hand? good job. let's see. grab your water bottle. it's in the frig. good boy. nice. good job. you got it all figured out. one more thing. you stretch your paws? good boy. let's go play frisbee.

>> how adorable?

>> that's jackson, and it took hem a couple of months to learn the tricks, and then they pieced them all together.

>> i can't belief what we just saw. that was crazy.

>> it gives you a goal for your new dog.

>> i'm going to get one too.

>> i'm sure it will be able to do all those things.

>> you better get milano to move in with me.

>> he is now a cookie.

>> what is his last name?

>> peter milan. you added a little flare.

>> he is a nice guy .

>> you better get him because you are going to -- it's over.

>> i'm getting a dog walker .