TODAY   |  November 08, 2012

Rob Pattinson: New ‘Twilight’ film deviates from book

As “Twilight” fans everywhere prepare to take one last look at Edward Cullen, actor Robert Pattinson talks to TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie about the final installment, joking that the end of the series marks “the end of my youth,” and saying he hopes fans “don’t stone us” for deviating from the books.

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>>> everywhere get ready for one last look at robert pattinson as edward cullen . breaking dawn part ii , the final installment hits theaters next week. and this time it's all about playing for keeps and protecting loved ones.

>> i've had a bad habit of underestimating you. i think you couldn't overcome it. and you just did. you were the reason i have something to fight for. family.

>> oh, and we cut -- i think three people just fainted right outside. robert pattinson , good morning.

>> good morning. i was just noticing i have enormous eyebrows.

>> really?

>> when i looked at kristen's, i wish it was appropriate for guys to pluck them and structure them like hers.

>> you can.

>> i did in the first one, but it looks insanely strange.

>> is that awkward watching a love scene like that?

>> i don't know --

>> do you want to get the lint roller out.

>> i feel like i've just rolled in some mud. so what was the question?

>> you know what? i don't even remember at this point. this is the last of twilight movies, it's an end of an era for you.

>> yeah. yes. it's the end of my youth. it's a slow death from now.

>> you were just telling me, you're feeling old, 26, everything's going now, back's gone.

>> falling apart. it's getting very, very anxiety ridden and, yeah, nothing makes sense anymore.

>> should i get a couch? we can do a therapy session.

>> i thought we were going to be over there and have a nice little nap first.

>> that can be arranged.

>> cool.

>> do you feel any wistfulness about saying good-bye to these movies? because it's been a huge part of your career and your life.

>> yeah. no, definitely. i feel very strange. i guess it's -- i didn't go to college and so maybe it's kind of the same feeling. i feel like i'm actually entering the real world now, i need to get a real job.

>> you're going to keep in touch with the old classmates? people that obviously -- this cast has been together a long time now.

>> no, definitely. it's like a very -- it's like a bond, i think, i hope. i don't know. i want to stay in contact with them, i don't know if they want to stay in contact with me. but it's interesting. like the lord of the rings cast, it's a strange thing, especially since we were all in the same period of our careers and all about the same age when we started. it was really fun, yeah.

>> this is the final movie. i just saw it yesterday. i'm not going to give anything away. it is not for the faint of heart or faint of stomach. do you think fans are going to be surprised or maybe even shocked?

>> i mean, hopefully. i mean this is the first time we've deviated a little bit. i hope they don't stone us for it. but i don't know. if you've already read the book, it gives a reason to actually make a movie if you change it a little bit and update it.

>> this whole movie, needless to say, changed your life. do i have this right you almost were thinking about quitting acting when you got this role?

>> yeah. weird thing about acting, you can't quit it if you're not getting jobs.

>> what are you quitting?

>> just making a dramatic announcement, i'm retiring.

>> have you gotten used to how life has changed? you kind of can't go anywhere without, of course, line of screaming girls behind you.

>> yeah. i mean, i don't think you can get used to it. you kind of -- you'd be very strange if you got used to it and you're expecting it because then when it's gone, it would be terrifying.

>> i know you're used to the spotlight. and there's good and there's bad that comes with that. and one of the probably annoying things is that people are interested in your business. so yesterday i asked kristen stewart if you two had gotten back together. did you see what she had said?

>> no, what did she say?

>> she said keep them guessing.

>> keep who guessing?

>> that's my question. so i'm going to ask you.

>> well, i want to ask -- because we get asked that all the time. it's funny because everyone always asks like four years. it's like who is actually asking? is it in your contract?

>> yes, it is. it's a fine print. if i had known.

>> yeah.

>> does it get annoying? is it a high price to pay? you've gotten these films, it's made you incredibly famous. there's been so much good with it, but it is, you know, personal now.

>> it doesn't have to be. it doesn't become personal if you don't answer it. i can talk nonsense, needing a nap.

>> what do you think about the nickname r.-patz?

>> i don't understand what the nickname culture is. if i could figure out a way to get rid of that, it'd be amazing. it does sound like an antacid.

>> what's next for you?

>> i'm doing a movie in australia in january, which is a futuristic western. and then -- what am i doing? hopefully a movie in iraq about eric maddox.

>> well, i know you will not be an unemployed actor for long. it's great to see you and thank you for coming by. we really appreciate it.

>> thanks a lot.

>> and we should remind everybody that "breaking down part ii " opens next friday the 16th.