TODAY   |  November 08, 2012

Is legalizing pot in Wash., Colo. a good idea?

TODAY’s Professionals – Donny Deutsch, Star Jones, and Dr. Nancy Snyderman – discuss the topics making headlines, including whether the decision to legalize recreational use of marijuana in Colorado and Washington is a good idea… or asking for trouble.

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>>> "today's" professionals, star jones , donny deutch, and dr. nancy snyderman . in case you missed it, there was an election on tuesday. president obama , four more years. good news for the democrats, not so much for republicans, and some republicans have taken to social media to vent their anger. ted nugent tweeted, good luck, america , you just voted for economic and spiritual suicide, soulless fools. victoria jackson tweeted, i can't stop crying, america died, and donald trump , let's stop this great injustice, the world is laughing at us. there was no hold your fire moment. there was simply anger expressed through social media . is this what we should come to expect in a vocal democracy?

>> well, look, social media is the technological articulation of democracy. that's where everybody gets a voice. look, you mentioned three random people. i think the great news really coming out of the election is the opposite. and i think it started with the concession speech and started with scott brown 's concession speech. i actually think -- and there's a new day in america . i think positive is going to be the new black. i think the this expression on social media is a minority of what's going to happen.

>> i really believe there's a moment --

>> i hope you're right.

>> i do too. and when we talk about the senate being democratic versus the house being republicans. i think it's america saying get your act together. and for those of us who are allowed to travel and see downtrodden places, the ability to vote and to see a transition of government that is peaceful with a hand over, i think it's great.

>> i think it's reflective of the way the campaigns were run this time. they were so angry, and there was a lot of racist talk and it was a lot of divisiveness, and i think social media played into that.

>> i think the $2 billion on advertising, it didn't move. i'm telling you, this anger is a shift that's going to happen in america now.

>> we hope.

>> congratulations to president obama .

>> one of the issues on the ballot in several states was allowing the use of recreational marijuana. washington, colorado, for example. the details are slightly different. basically if you're of a certain age, you can possess or buy about an ounce of pot from a licensed retailer. and i think in colorado you can also grow a few pot plants. how do we feel about this?

>> well, medicinal marijuana out there for some time. local municipalities say --

>> this is recreational.

>> i know. i put my semicolon. it's not good for you, folks. it may be fun, but it's not good for you. there's no way as a physician i can stand here and endorse it and say it's great.

>> legally you're going to have a problem, the locals will, of course, not arrest you because of that small amount. but federal law is absolutely against federal law . and when they start to put in to practice how you're going to actually sell it, you're going to put stores together and tax it, that's when the feds will jump in.

>> yeah.

>> donny can't remember what he was going to say.

>> no, i actually going to bring it back to the election. i think you're going to see more of this as a demographic shifts in this country. and as they start to move, i think this is going to be the beginning. we are becoming a more progressive country .

>> is this also a way to say big government , get out of my backyard? i want control over my municipality?

>> i don't think it's as much that, i think we are going to become a looser and looser country as the --

>> am i the only last person that has not smoked a joint in america ?

>> we've covered this subject before, here's a different example. woman in cleveland, ohio, we've all seen the tape now. school bus stopped in the road unloading students and children, she decided not to wait and instead of driving around on the road, she took her car up on the sidewalk. in addition to losing or having her license suspended and paying a fine, a judge has now ordered her to stand on a street corner in her town holding a sign that says, "only an idiot drives on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus ." is it fair or over the line ?

>> these shaming punishments across the country are really sort of taking over by these local judges. the whole purpose is to try to make you feel as idiotic as your actions. however, i think it really does fly in the face of what punishment is supposed to be. it's not supposed to be arbitrary incompletions, and this is.

>> i don't want creativity in my judges. i want them working within the legal system. and once you can get creative and start having people wear sandwich boards, and also -- the more unfortunately, this is the backlash, the more we heighten something, there are people going, oh, driving on sidewalks, that's an interesting idea.

>> she's going to wear this sign from 7:45 to 8:45 a.m ., the height of rush hour. will it be a deterrent.

>> she should've lost her license.

>> suspended.

>> no, that's not enough. she should've lost it. it's a miracle she didn't kill somebody. she should've lost it, i would have worded the sandwich board differently and march her up and down that street eight hours a day.

>> one minute left. speed round today. there is talk, i don't know if it's real, but rumors that perhaps harrison ford will reprise his role as hans solo, he's 70 years old, good idea, bad idea?

>> brilliant marketing move. the aging bubble, moving through the population will bring them all back to the " star wars " movie. brilliant idea.

>> i think he can do it. i think he's still " indiana jones " in my heart and mind.

>> 70 is the new 50, and since i'm over 50 --

>> by the way, the interview back in 2010 , ford said of solo as a character he was not so interesting to me adding i thought he should've died in the last one to give it some bottom. so you think it's harrison ford , not unlike pattinson who just left the studio.

>> or it's the bond model where you keep the franchise alive for 60 years and keep people coming through.