TODAY   |  November 08, 2012

Pattinson responds to Stewart’s love life comments

“Twilight” star Robert Pattinson seems somewhat confused when TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie asks him about his co-star Kristen Stewart’s comment to “keep them guessing” when Guthrie asked Stewart whether she and Pattinson were back together during her recent appearance on TODAY.

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>> the spotlight. and there's good and there's bad that comes with that. and one of the probably annoying things is that people are interested in your business. so yesterday i asked kristen stewart if you two had gotten back together. did you see what she had said?

>> no, what did she say?

>> she said keep them guessing.

>> keep who guessing?

>> that's my question. so i'm going to ask you.

>> well, i want to ask -- because we get asked that all the time. it's funny because everyone always asks like four years. it's like who is actually asking? is it in your contract?

>> yes, it is. it's a fine print. if i had known.

>> yeah.

>> does it get annoying? is it a high price to pay? you've gotten these films, it's made you incredibly famous. there's been so much good with it, but it is, you know, personal now.

>> it doesn't have to be. it doesn't become personal if