TODAY   |  November 08, 2012

Residents ride out 2nd storm without power

Just 10 days after Hurricane Sandy knocked out power to thousands of Northeast residents, a powerful nor’easter plunged many homes back into darkness. NBC’s Erica Hill reports.

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>> tens of thousands of homeowners are still in the dark ten days after sandy. nbc's erica hill is in ocean side, new york. on long island, good morning.

>> reporter: hey, matt, good morning to you. driving around here, you have to be so careful of the power lines , which as you can see are weighted down now even lower under all of this snow. as of midnight, an additional 20,000 here on long island are without power. and the local power company says they will get to them. but they're in line behind all of the people they still need to bring power back to who lost it after sandy. that small solitude for people like the davises behind me who have been without power for more than a week. streets are dark and quiet, remnants of cleanup from sandy now blanketed by snow. more than 2800 homes in oceanside are still without power, making it easy to spot the lucky few with generators. but a kitchen light can only do so much.

>> if we had some kind of assurance of when we would be getting our power back, i think that's more frustrating than anything.

>> reporter: for ten days, sammy and sharon davis have been trying to clean up the mess sandy left behind .

>> we never thought you'd see all these things on a table like this.

>> never, never. never, but, you know what? i keep putting the pictures around and every time i'm feeling bad about the damage to my house, it kind of lets you reevaluate what's important.

>> reporter: at sandy's height, water was half way up the basement walls.

>> came in about 8:00 and started going down around 11:00 . we woke up at 6:30 the next day and started ripping out carpet.

>> the smell.

>> reporter: soon, the walls were gone.

>> the wind was literally blowing right in.

>> reporter: until the davises ran into a family friend who insisted on insulating their basement free of charge.

>> the owner of dunkin donuts came directly to us and brought us donuts and coffee every day.

>> the teacher from the high school today drove by and gave us hot dogs and chips. communities are strong here.

>> reporter: still, it's 52 degrees inside. snow is piling up outside in freezing temperatures. and any sense of normal still feels very far away . so why stay?

>> we called all the hotels, there's no hotels to stay at. there's people that have invited us to stay, but it's uncomfortable.

>> reporter: there's also a subtle fear in leaving.

>> people are worried their homes are going to get broken into.

>> reporter: sharon 's parents live a mile away but spend each night here. their own home also dark and even colder. despite the snow, they're finally starting to see signs of hope. a week and a half after sandy.

>> today's the first day that two or three good things have happened, you know. and from coming to the house to the garbage men coming down the street.

>> mother nature can be ugly right now, but the people around us have been really beautiful and we've been blessed.

>> reporter: really a great attitude, but i have to tell you, i was back inside the house this morning talking with sharon and she said, you know what? after last night, this is starting to get really old. she's not sure how much longer she can take it. but they still have no word on when the power will be back. but we do want to let you know in the interest of full disclosures, one of if ways to meet this family, they are relatives of one of the members of our "today" show family, matt.

>> erica hill , we know them