TODAY   |  November 08, 2012

Heavy snow as nor’easter sucker-punches region

TODAY’s Al Roker reports from Connecticut where a nor’easter barreled through the Northeast region already ravaged by Superstorm Sandy, bringing pounding surf and heavy wet snow and rain.

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>>> and on thursday, with this nor'easter in the northeast, they're still reeling from hurricane sandy. al roker in danbury, connecticut , what's it look like up there?

>> reporter: well, a little bit like a winter wonderland , matt. records yesterday with all this snow. the earliest 4-inch snow ever. newark getting the biggest one-day snowfall in november ever. and i tell you, as you look at this system, we've got a time lapse of it from when it started going on to last night. and you can watch as cold air is drawn in, it's bringing in a lot of snow. this is a classic nor'easter. just very early. and the other part of the problem was it came right on the heels of having to deal with a hurricane. and guess what? we're not done with it yet. just ten days after hurricane sandy, this second storm was a sucker punch to the storm-ravaged northeast. the heavy snow causing accidents and more power outages to thousands of people here in connecticut . ahead of the storm wednesday, we were in point pleasant, new jersey, where workers built up dunes to protect the stripped and battered coast.

>> reporter: nobody can remember this happening, within a week and a half, the new jersey, new york, and new england coastline having to deal with a hurricane, a superstorm and now a nor'easter that's bringing pounding surf, rain, and heavy snow.

>> reporter: with beach communities already pummelled, new evacuations were ordered along the shore.

>> we may take a step back the next 24 hours , you need to be prepared for that. i need to prepare for that. i hate setbacks, i don't tolerate them very well, but this one i can't control. the weather it is what it is.

>> reporter: on long island, the effects of the back-to-back storms so severe, some describe it as unreal.

>> go from like a hurricane to a nor'easter and driving in snow, in the same week or same ten days, it's pretty unbelievable.

>> reporter: the long island railroad shut down by a power outage during the wednesday evening rush hour stranding thousands of commuters. with snow falling on darkened homes, the storm's timing couldn't be worse causing new power outages for thousands in an area where millions have been waiting more than a week to get their power back. in long beach, new york, she got a powerful surprise during an interview with nbc news on wednesday.

>> the heat, especially, is the big concern right now. we are cold. oh, my goodness.

>> reporter: what a great moment. and hopefully those are happening more and more throughout the northeast. let's show you what we've got right now with this nor'easter as it makes its way away from the northeast coast. it is still pummelling parts of the northeast. we've got wind gusts anywhere basically from a 52 to 47 miles per hour, nantucket, 68-mile-per-hour wind gusts. snowfall amounts, 7 inches in flushing queens , 13 inches, and connecticut , 12 inches in north haven , 4 inches in stoney brook , we've got snow up along the new england coast, rain right along the northeastern new england coast and the winds are going to continue today. wind gusts of up to 60 miles per hour in cape cod and the islands . and we're looking at strong winds up and down the east coast . we probably will see there. you can see massachusetts will see airport delays stretching all the way from boston down into washington, d.c. today. so we are not quite done with this, but it's just about over. that's the good news. we have to wait and see what else is coming. guys, back to you.

>> all right, al. thank you very much. of course, not everyone is as fortunate as that woman we saw who got her power back in the middle of that interview.