TODAY   |  November 07, 2012

Crews work to build up Jersey Shore before storm

TODAY’s Al Roker reports from Point Pleasant Beach, N.J., where he says construction crews are playing “beat the clock,” working to build up the sand berm before the area is hit by another fierce storm.

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>> storm that is set to bring some heavy winds and even flooding to areas here on the northeast coast that do not need it. al's along the jersey shore . al?

>> hey, matt. so it's time to play beat the clock for all these crews who are working to build up the berm and build up the beach here and get a load of some of the big trucks they are bringing in to really build up a barrier, to break -- to make sure that the ocean does not make its way in here because this nor'easter is awfully powerful. going to bring in a big storm surge of about anywhere from 4 to 6 feet possible. again, even dangerous waves and a lot of