TODAY   |  November 07, 2012

Exit poll: Gender, race, economy helped Obama

NBC’s Tamron Hall breaks down the results of the NBC News national exit poll, which shows a gender gap that worked in President Obama’s favor as well as a boost from the Latino community, from which he received more votes than four years ago.

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>> for more on how the president won a second term let's go to nbc's tamron hall . she's been looking at results of the nbc news national exit polling . good morning to you.

>> reporter: it's a similar story as you heard from david gregory and chuck todd . four years ago african-american voters were certainly loyal to the president and that's what we saw this time around. the president getting 93% of the black vote. as much as he did four years ago. as chuck also mentioned, in the latino population, seven in ten of that vote, a little better than four years ago when he got 67% and 10% of this year's electorate compared to 9,000 in 2008 . president obama got two-thirds of unmarried women and won 60% of voters under the age of 30. that's less than the 66% of 2008 . a gender gap also worked in the president's favor. he edged among women nine points. we're talking 55% to 44% which more than made up for the eight-point loss he suffered against men. optimism, regarding the direction of the economy, won out over people's negative ceilings that we heard so much about. 39% of voters said the economy is getting better. that is a decent number. 29% said things about the same and 30% said the economy is getting worse. among those people, take a look at this number. 88%, a whopping 88% voted for obama. so you see more insight in these numbers and perhaps it all comes together and makes sense compared to the exit poll and then the final results that we saw. matt.

>> tamron, thank you very much.