TODAY   |  November 06, 2012

Busting a move: Sara gets a hip-hop crash course

TODAY’s Sara Haines gets a taste of the hip-hop life in Long Island City, N.Y., where she learns the art of graffiti, shows off her beat-boxing skills and finds out what break dancing is all about.

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>> hundreds of possibilities.

>>> and it is time for sara in the city. this week sara learns the art --

>> okay.

>> this is a different kind of graffi graffiti.

>> who looks freakier, okay?

>> trying to figure out, there's somebody you look like.

>> a drag queen . i look like a drag queen .

>> that's what it is. lucky chengs, that's right, that's what it is.

>> don't go deeper here. sara heads across the bridge into queens , new york , a hot spot where culture is really cool.

>> i got to visit a building covered with spray paint , but besides the art, it's known for its hip-hop culture and i got a chance to explore this graffiti artist mecca. often people think of graffiti as vandalism, but in long island city , new york, graffiti isn't a crime, but a work of art.

>> it's the largest art center in the world. it means it is the biggest legal spot for graffiti artists from all over the world to come and paint.

>> and they do. founded in 2002 , five points is a five-story building where thousands of artists have come to display their work. it's not just the walls you guys have painted.

>> we paint everything.

>> with the dumpsters, one man's trash is another man's treasure.

>> yeah, it looks better.

>> definitely.

>> more than just a psychedelic space, people come to dance, deejay, and have fun. i met up with the dynamic rockers. why five points?

>> it's legal. we're able to express ourselves here like a safe haven.

>> can you show me a couple moves in dynamics? don't judge a book by its cover. yeah! just joined the troops. i'm sweating. on the street, i found another part of the hip-hop community. two beat boxers were making music without instruments.

>> give you a demo first?

>> demo.

>> that was awesome.

>> all right. your turn.

>> before i knew it, i was making some crazy sounds. i had created a hip-hop party. under the sun i let the day glow we're filming the segment for the -- today show

>> finally, i caught up with the creator of five point. our camera caught him working on a masterpiece. hoda and kathie at five points, check it out. i love the ipod, love the wine, i love you got it right. she's a chardonnay girl.

>> left a little to get your hands dirty.

>> this is going to be fun. i notice you kept it to the easier parts maybe.

>> first of all, spray away, nice speed to not worry about drips.