TODAY   |  November 06, 2012

Beauty trends for whitening teeth, smoothing skin

From hair to nails to teeth, lifestyle expert Sarah Eggenberger has scoured the market to choose the best products that will help you stay beautiful, including skin cream to lessen hyperpigmentation, lip colors and instant teeth whiteners.

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>>> this morning on "today's beauty," you newest trends. our lifestyle expert has scoured the market from harris to nails to help you find the best. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> there's new products and new technology all the time. you brought us the latest and greatest. you start with skin care . hyperpigmentation is the new wrinkle. what do you mean by that?

>> we focus so much attention on wrinkles, what really ages us is our uneven tone so recent developments have shown that uneven tone is how we register aging. so that fresh glow to our skin, so this is going to be a bipartisan choice because it's natural and effective. you can choose both. they have a full system with apple plant stem cells that will help to diminish uneven tones and give you a healthy growth.

>> brown spots or dark spots as you age. kind of helping with that.

>> perfect system.

>> my dermatologist uses this skin care system.

>> elure is amazing and has won every award out there. it contains a mushroom extract. it helps did i miminish an uneven tone.

>> this is more natural.

>> exactly.

>> now olay a top brandywiner as well.

>> it is. so we have learned our abcs of dreams and now we're on to cc dreams. this is going to be like its predecessor in that it gives you the coverage, the spf around moic moistization and contains more anti-aging and will help with more coverage so this is better for your skin.

>> what's this?

>> going into the aging hair section.

>> because your hair shows your age, too, thinner, less lustrous.

>> it does. on average we lose 100 strands of hair per day, and as we get older that process slows down. those replacement hairs don't come back and hair should have 13% moisture but we also lose that as we age.

>> right.

>> this is a collect of different products they will add in some of those benefits so hair care companies are pulling from skin care companies and adding in the anti-aging ingredients.

>> what are some of the ingredients?

>> this one uses caviar that helps smooth the hair follicle and this uses vitamin e and this mask that will split out the cuticle as well and add vibrancy back into the hair.

>> and air tools .

>> flatteners dry out the hair. this one has a fabric side to protect your hair and allows it to breathe. you get the sleek hair but there's volume. it does an incredible job of adding volume but not drying it out.

>> let's move on to teeth because your smile can really tell a lot, really shows your age a lot if you have yellowed teeth or discoloration to your teeth. seen all the whitening systems but now the whitening systems basically work within minutes.

>> we all know whitening teeth are so important but sometimes it's hard to do it every day or spend hours. new technology that makes it very accessible. this is luster now. it actually contains a blue toothpaste.

>> it's blue.

>> that's going to get these white.

>> optical effect. right away you can use it.

>> interesting.

>> after drinking a glass of wine, use this and it will take away the redness. pop some gum in your mouth by super smile and glo has a textured tip and rub away the stains before they settle.

>> after that glass of wine, take that stick and there you go go.

>> now over here, the new trends in beauty, bold lips.

>> bold bright red lips.

>> yeah.

>> you want to be classy, not flashy with your lips, and so choose your deep berries and reds. ox blood is a popular color this season so use that, but the biggest problem with reds is they bleed very easily. darker shades bleed very easily so use a translucent powder first and then a pencil. it will create a barrier so your lipstick doesn't blend in, and if you're afraid of wearing any type of deep reds, go into a shotter shade. this is a collection of lighter pinks that allows it to be easier.

>> and blushes.

>> juxtapose that bright tara lipinski s with the more pale neutral-colored cheek.

>> if you have more of a dry skin , use this, it's a cream bush, builds easily.

>> real quick, running out of time , colored nails and here we're seeing candidate colors for today.

>> democracy at work. red and blue.

>> if you don't want that you can still go neutral.

>> talking, if you want to do what i do and stay bipartisan and wear both colors.