TODAY   |  November 06, 2012

Will the ‘Redskins rule’ predict election outcome?

The TODAY anchors, along with msnbc’s Alex Wagner, chat about topics making headlines today, including a few unscientific polls, predictions, and superstitions that many claim can determine who will win the tight presidential race.

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>> neck of the woods.

>> all right. now to today's "take 3" as we share our take on top stories catching our attention. joining us is msnbc's alex wagner.

>> what are you going to be doing?

>> ordering pizza, ordering room service .

>> putting on your pjs.

>> i'll be calling the senate races.

>> cool.

>> we've seen so many polls this election season. how about we look at unscientific polls. the first is the redskins role. i know people who believe in this. in 17 of the past 18 races a win for the washington redskins meant a win for the incumbent president or party. and in fact the -- the result of the redskins last home game before the election has a near perfect record. so here's what happened. the redskins lost on sunday, so if you believe the redskins rule, mitt romney will be the next president.

>> there is an exception to the rule. 17 out of 18. the one time that the incumbent didn't win was president herbert walker bush.

>> can't the redskins just be allowed to just win games? doesn't rg3 have enough pressure on his shoulders?

>> i detect a bias towards the redskins .

>> you know, a child of washington, d.c., and i am a skins fan.

>> okay.

>> sorry they lost.

>> how about the cookie poll. i like this one.

>> this i feel like might have vg to it. the bakery has count the votes based on cookie sale n. 2008 the obama cookie got 68% of the cookie sale and 68% of the electoral vote . well, the cookie poll this year currently has obama beating romney 14,317 cook toys 12,690 cookies.

>> you know why his was more popular?

>> because with the ears you get extra cookie.

>> i mean, savannah, what kind of cookies are these, too, do we know? is it oatmeal rasin in.

>> probably sugar cookies .

>> to be truly fair it should be the same type of cooky.

>> truly.

>> and the only difference should be just the face.

>> this is in the swing state of ohio in a swing area that the candidates have visited a lot.

>> a schwing.

>> november 6 streak, never heard of this one. since election day standardized in 1845 six presidential elections that fell on november 6th and republicans have all won all six of them, that streak began in 1860 with the streak of abraham lincoln and in 1984 ronald reagan beat walter mondale so if november 6th is supposedly good for republicans, that's an indication.

>> looking at the redskins poll and this, you know, that latest, then i guess --

>> the cookie poll.

>> if the election is not called until the 7th then maybe it changes.

>> maybe, i don't know.

>> all right. take two. a house divided . the "new york times" blog poses the question what happens when you and a family member differ politically over the candidates that you support?

>> well, i grew up in a household where there was definitely one parent on each side and it became heated, heated discussion.

>> did they talk politics at the dinner table?

>> all the time, and i think they finally both decided for things to work and for it to be a better dinner conversation across the board the political talk had to end.

>> did it bother you guys as kids listening to mom and dad argue?

>> i think it was good because i really grew up getting a sense of both sides of the aisle and what the debates were about, so i got a good sense of, you know, interested in politics early on i think because of that, but at the same time there's a place, a time and place for everything, and when it becomes too much, then, you know, you need -- you need to make sure you limit that conversation.

>> ex-communicated and cut everybody out of the will who doesn't agree with us. just kidding. totally open discussion. there's strong beliefs in the wagner family. luckily they are shared among many family members.

>> you can sit around and agree with each other. we understand there are people out there that are different, with different ideologies and political leanings.

>> what about you?

>> we -- growing up we had that in my house right now we have a difference of opinions, and, you know, i'm not saying what, but the -- it has led for interesting conversation with the kids.

>> yeah. it's good to debate i think but sometimes it gets so heated so i think you have to at a time when it gets too upsetting to step sglak when t back.

>> when the police are called.

>> democracy, making sure you hear their opinions.

>> online voting . this is a question a lot of people have been saying. how come we can't vote online? seems like we do everything else online. wouldn't it make life so much easier and especially in countries like canada, norway, australia, they have adopted these online voting systems and it's worked there, so a lot of proponents are saying this would help boost voter turnout , especially the youth vote , but there are people who say, you know, this would create an unlevel voteing field for seniors seniors. don't have access to computers, probably won't get out in that way and people are worried about hackers for hacking into the system and people swaying the vote

>> i think you should -- certain things shouldn't be made easy. you know what? this is something that our forefathers fought for. people died for this right, you know, but we both, you know, in civil rights , and, you know, for wars, and i think, you know, there's nothing wrong with going out and actually, like deborah took nicky out this morning, and watched the process work .

>> it's fun, it's fun.

>> and some people actually give out coffee and doughnuts at the polling place . you get free cove and free doughnuts.

>> so there you go.

>> more reeasons to go to the polls.

>> people should have more chances to vote, if the technology is there to help working class families get there and exercise their fundamental american right, i think that's good too, you know. maybe it's not an either/or.

>> because of the hurricane, like new jersey, they have actually allowed people to vote online.

>> and i think in new york city they announced you can go to any polling station .

>> if you're affected by it, go to any polling station .

>> exactly.

>> we have a bonus take. alex ?

>> the woman in the white house ?

>> a woman in the white house , there is a new sheryl crow song called "woman in the white house " downloadable for free.

>> i don't think that's it.

>> i don't think that's it.

>> that's not it either.

>> it's a little bit funkier and more country.

>> there we go.

>> that sounds like it.

>> good track.

>> and the song has provoked some critics, which is interesting.

>> i like the first one though.

>> it sounds like a mom in chief.

>> oh, the baby elephant.

>> focus, people, back to "woman in the white house ." some of the lyrics to the song, time to clean out capitol hill with had a shovel and a pair of high heels because we need a little female common sense . well, we like to spend money, but not money we ain't got, and we can balance a checkbook so i think people have maybe taken it and it sounds a little bit like mom, a first housewife. female cliches or something.

>> get a woman in the white house , get some more in the senate. get some more in congress. congress is only 17% female.

>> yeah.

>> and as we know that does not reflect the gender breakdown of the united states .

>> right.

>> so i say songs and action. let's go, ladies.

>> whether you wear high heels or not.

>> exactly.

>> and we can balance a checkbook.

>> and there's some male senators who wear high heels .

>> that is a story. alex