TODAY   |  November 06, 2012

Adviser: Romney ‘anxious to … turn things around’

Ed Gillespie, a top adviser on the Romney campaign, says Governor Romney is “leaving nothing on the field” as he squeezes in two more campaign events on Election Day. He also addresses the controversial autos ad, calling it “accurate.”

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>> senior advisers to mitt romney 's campaign. ed, good morning. good to see you. happy election day .

>> good morning, matt, happy that it is election day .

>> exactly. this has been a six-year quest for governor romney . i'm sure the campaign and the candidate have crosses the ts and dotted the is and talked about every possible scenario. ed, what kept you awake last night? what are you most worried about?

>> actually i slept pretty well last night. we feel really good. we have momentum at the end of this campaign. governor romney 's positive, uplifting message has resonated i think. his plan to turn around our economy and create 12 million new jobs. we see incredible intensity on the part of our voters, and we're leaving nothing on the field, matt. you'll see the governor out there today campaigning in cleveland, ohio and pittsburgh, pennsylvania, and we're -- we're looking forward to tonight.

>> let me ask you about ohio . you talk about that state. obviously all eyes on ohio . back on october 25th the governor employed a rather dramatic strategy there talking to supporters he said that he had read that, quote, jeep is thinking of moving all production to china . he followed that with some ads that talked about chrysler and gm's plans to expand production in china . the reaction was swift and unanimous, ed. they were painted as misleading by independent fact-checkers. ohio newspapers said they were an exercise in deception, a masterpiece of misdirection, and chrysler and gm called them inaccurate and campaign politics at its cynical worst. how could this happen to the guy who is the son of a car-maker and the car who is supposed to have the business resume?

>> well, matt, the fact is the ad is accurate. the head of fiat came out and said that they were going to open production in china for jeep. that's what the ad says, and that's accurate. look, if you care about the auto industry , you need to vote for mitt romney and the governor has a great record.

>> they are opening production for jeep in china because they are expanding markets, not because they are shipping jobs overseas which seemed to be the message of the ad.

>> no, that's not the message. the message of the ad is they are opening production in china . right now the jeeps that are sold in china are made in the united states . there was an original bloomberg report that said that they were going to close the plant and shift jobs to china . that turned out not to be accurate but they said they would open jobs in -- open production in china . we're currently shipping to china from the u.s. exporting there. this ad is accurate, and the fact is if you care about the auto industry , you care about creating 12 million jobs in this economy, you care about creating demand for domestic auto production, we don't have that in our economy today, matt, and governor romney would turn this economy around, have rising incomes for people who have seen their incomes drop by $4,300 over the course of the obama presidency. that would do more for the american auto industry than anything, but ad is accurate, and we stand by it. we know that the truth hurts sometimes, but it's the truth.

>> real quickly on election day , often candidates get nostalgic and sentimental about the things they have seen as they traveled the country over the last year. what do you think governor romney 's major takeaway is going to be? what are the images that are going to last most for him?

>> i think a number of them. one, small business owners who have told him that they are going to have to close, family businesses. one woman in richmond, virginia, has closed a restaurant that has been in her family for 82 years as a result of the excessive regulations and taxes and obama care and the obama economy, single mothers who have come up to him and said i'm working two jobs because the pay, i can't get a full-time job and the pay for these jobs is so low. we've heard from countless americans, and it's -- the pain that you hear out there in our economy is real, matt, and it's something that he is so anxious to get into the white house , turn things around and fix the economy and get rising incomes for people so they can have a sense of economic security .

>> all right. ed gillespie , a senior adviser to the romney campaign. going to be a long day, ed. thank you for your time this morning.