TODAY   |  November 05, 2012

Eat more fruits and veggies by juicing

If you’re looking for a fast way to get more fruits and veggies into your diet, sports nutritionist Heidi Skolnick shares her tips on juicing 101, from the best produce to use to how to store your juice.

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>> good morning.

>> do you have a governing philosophy about juicing? can you throw anything in together.

>> everything works, anything and everything. it's really a taste profile. basic guideline, usually if you have something green with half a piece of a small piece of fruit or root vegetable , it will take the sweetness and take out the bitterness.

>> shall we try one here.

>> do you want all this in?

>> i wouldn't think of apples and carrots together.

>> this one is a very sweet one.

>> that's okay.

>> not going to get on.

>> you see, look how simple.

>> wow.

>> and here's the thing. typically, as you can see, go ahead, that's the thing. all you need to do is --

>> got to get physical sometimes.

>> look at that.

>> all you need to do is wash them. use a scrub to scrub off, and cut it. there's not a lot of preparation. throw the whole thing n.talking about the leaves, the leaves, the stems.

>> shall i give this one a dance?

>> give it a try.

>> what's the word?

>> that's good actually.

>> that one is very, very sweet.

>> i'm getting more apple than carrot.

>> here's the thing. here's the thing with this. i think this is a real benefit when it comes to juicing because most people don't get in enough vegetables.

>> right.

>> you get all the nutrients.

>> go ahead. throw it in there.

>> what do we have here?

>> spinach, lots of nitrates, vitamin k . what you don't get when you get a lot of greens. see how this doesn't produce a lot of liquids.

>> going to be a long road to a glass of juice.

>> get the nutrition.

>> but you get the fluid when you add cucumber and when you add the celery.

>> here's the celery.

>> there you go.

>> and the cucumber.

>> a few people don't want to do this.

>> if you have any kind of kidney problem, don't want a lot of the vitamin k that comes from green, diabetes, don't want to do a juice bath.

>> that one not so much.

>> it's good.

>> if you add a beet to that, an apple, it would be sweeter for you.

>> do you lose the nutritional value of a fruit or vegetable when you throw it in a juicer?

>> you lack the fiber. if you have an otherwise fibrous diet, juicing is great, if you're not getting in the fiber elsewhere you need to get it from the vegetables.

>> another one.

>> pineapple.

>> 100% florida orange juice . you can buy that, and that's fine. when you're talking about vegetables, very short shelf life , and so you really want to be able to -- you want to --

>> a little ginger.

>> you like ginger in here.

>> really good for you.

>> and all going in.

>> i know you're going to like this.

>> look out. we lost a few. casualties in every war. let's see this.

>> what do you think.

>> that's good.

>> that's really good.

>> yeah.

>> that's a thumb's up.

>> and important to drink right away. not good for storage.

>> the whole idea of juicing is it's fresh and have it right away.