TODAY   |  November 05, 2012

November shopping: Buy electronics, cookware

If you’re ready to begin the holiday shopping blitz, TODAY contributor Elizabeth Mayhew has tips on what to buy this month, including the best deals on electronics you’ll find on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, as well as low prices on cookware and kitchen appliances.

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>>> this morning on the best things to buy, november means it's time to get ready for the holiday shopping blitz, if you can believe it. lifestyle export and "today" contributor elizabeth mayhew has good ideas to save you big cash. elizabeth , good morning.

>> good morning.

>> hard to believe black friday is three and a half weeks away already.

>> black friday is the biggest shopping day of the year. only followed by cyber monday. it is the pinnacle day in november, and the deals are real across the board, from clothing to whatever, but it's a great, great time to buy electronics. electronic prices usually drop in the spring when the new things are introduced except for black friday. that's when you're going to get great deals. i have a little preview here. most retailers are not willing to share their black friday deals. pulled a few strings, so best buy shared with us a few of these things. take that laptop. it's 187. a lot of these things are like $200, $300 down from the retail price so that's going to be coming out in the day after thanksgiving.

>> how long does a sale like that last, from black friday in.

>> usually black friday through cyber monday. sometimes realize cyber monday the deals change a little bit.

>> halloween, i think this is smart, someone with kids. get the costume for next year now.

>> just judge the size. as you said, you have a 3-year-old. that 3-year-old is going to be a little bit bigger this. might seem obvious that you go out and buy halloween, buy the things after the holiday. what's good about this is sites are really, really pushing things. tank, for example, a new site called their halloween costumes are 50% off, but for the first time, if you're a first-time shopper, you get another 30% off one of your items, so you could be getting yore halloween costume for your son next year for almost nothing.

>> and you can hoard some candy, too.

>> i'm not saying buy the candy and save it now. buy it, use it at christmas or lots of events.

>> or just go nuts this weekend. thanksgiving already.

>> frozen turkeys, a lot of grocery stores , if you spend between $200 and $400 usually you'll get a free turkey. that's a really good thing to keep in mind. they give you usually the month to do that. the other thing is turkeys do go on sale immediately after thanksgiving because they hog up so much room in the freezers, so of the grocery stores , so that is a great thing, if you're going to be buying, it buy it then.

>> kitchenware, cookware.

>> also goes to thanksgiving. this site is similar to, buy it for the first time, get 30% off but it's also on sale. if you need a carving set, $112 regular. now it's only 73. macy's for black friday is really gearing up. a panini maker is only going to be 9.99, same thing with a popcorn maker , 40% off single serving coffee. this is the thing. this november, it is the one time where need and sale collide so anything for your home is a great time to buy it, whether it's cookware, servingwater. you're going to get the best deals now.

>> are these deals the same in store and online?

>> most of them are. i'll tell you when they aren't. this is all online, but this is stationery, a great time to get your christmas cards . get great deals, even from high-end retailers like dempy and carroll. today only they are giving off 20% off their holiday cards and shutterfly has 20% off,, use the code paper 15. you're going to get 15% off, and tiny prints gives 20% off which ends. a lot of these are short-term deals, so you want to get it in now.

>> a couple ones we have to do quickly.

>> christmas trees , people think to wait, but once they are cut, they are not going to be cut -- they will last the same amount of time so you'll get a good deal on that.

>> pjs.

>> pajama and slippers are huge, huge sale time for retailers, 30% off and free shipping on land's end and everything for the whole family. kohl's has 40% to 50% on slippers and kids's sleep wear, this is unbelievable. old navy, $10 for these pajama bottoms, another 25% off right now if you shop, and there's --

>> guy's stuff here.

>> two times a year when you can get great deals, right before father's day and right before christmas so from loews you' -- lowe's you're going to see unbelievable prices, the drills, shop vac $69 and great deals on tools as well.

>> this is stuff i can get behind for sure. especially the frozen turkeys. i'll get those. elizabeth , you saved us a lot of money.