TODAY   |  November 05, 2012

Take a tour of NBC’s Democracy Plaza

NBC News has transformed its headquarters into Democracy Plaza, an interactive experience celebrating American democracy and citizenship. NBC’s Jenna Wolfe takes a look behind the scenes of the innovative exhibit, where thousands are expected to watch live coverage of the election on Tuesday.

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>>> back now with more on presidential politics from here on democracy plaza . nbc's home for election day . we sent today's jenna wolfe to give us a tour. jenna, good morning to you.

>> reporter: good morning to you, savannah. tomorrow night is election night . if you don't already have plans, let me throw this out there at you, rockefeller center . thousands will be gathered here tomorrow night to watch election coverage. there will be big flat -screen tvs all throughout here. it is a byoc policy, bring your own curiosity. what is this? what is democracy plaza ? how about a little show and tell. welcome to democracy plaza , or, in other words, all the politics you could possibility want shrunk down to size and speaking shrinking down to size, i'm happily standing here in new york. come election night these states will turn red or blue depending on how each state votes. love to skate you around the country a little bit but i've got the boots on so instead i'll walk you around what the rest of democracy plaza has to offer. first stop, the newsroom. ever wanted to be a tv anchor , here's your chance. what is going on here? this seems like the most popular booth on the block.

>> bringing people off the street and giving them a chance to be an nbc personality.

>> reporter: okay. let's just roll this from the top. here we go.

>> it's the final countdown to election night , and here at democracy plaza in rockefeller center there's electricity in the air.

>> reporter: more energy.

>> people have traveled from all over the country to experience.

>> reporter: louder, loud er.

>> now whisper. that's how we like to do it.

>> this is lori hayes.

>> reporter: punch it.

>> signing off from democracy plaza !

>> reporter: oh, wow. once you've mastered the news business, why not mingle with the news folks. not hard to do here at democracy plaza . look who we found trying to blend in with the crowd.

>> oh, my god, it's you.

>> reporter: a great experience for the political savvy, and, well, the future political savvy. you're not too short to vote, are you? no, you can, like, you have to be -- you have to reach this high to be able to vote. all right. you can vote. you can vote. can you vote? you guys can all vote. i just made up the rules. it's going to be fantastic. romney or obama.

>> obaromney obama.

>> reporter: i think he's saying both. and anyone can end up here. months and months of campaigning. i don't see what the big deal is. i just walked into the oval office here with one simple question. can i get this picture e-mailed to me. my dad would love this. and i did. lucky me. here's the deal. this is a completely interactive environment here. can you follow everything the little interactive booths here are doing on twitter twitter @democracyplaza. follow them. they will probably follow you back. enjoy it. come on out tomorrow night.

>> all right, jenna wolfe , thank you.

>> a quick real quickly. what's the name of the statue you're standing next to?

>> reporter: you know what, i'm having a hard time hearing you, matt. did you ask me a question.

>> what's the name of the statue there, that you're standing there next to?

>> reporter: what is it?

>> prometheus. of course, i thought you were pointing to that one.