TODAY   |  November 05, 2012

Candidates wrap up campaign marathon sprint

In the campaign’s closing weekend, President Obama and Governor raced across several battleground states to rally supporters as voters get ready to head to the polls in less than 24 hours. NBC’s Peter Alexander reports.

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>> governor romney is beginning this morning in florida. nbc's peter alexander is traveling with that campaign. peter, good morning to you.

>> matt, good morning to you. just one more day. it sounds pretty good, doesn't it? this is the last day of campaigning in president barack obama 's political career. could well be the last day for mitt romney as well. these two men are leaving nothing on the table trying to drive their voters to the polls in the last 24 hours to. give you a sense, there are eight events between the two of them today. mitt romney beginning his day here outside orlando and the president in wisconsin to. give you a better sense of just how they are fighting over similar territory. for a couple hours today both men will be in columbus, ohio. after a marathon campaign.

>> are you ready to go vote?

>> reporter: an exhausting last lap.

>> if you're tired of being tired, not just tonight, but all the time.

>> reporter: the president rapping up his sunday sprint in the wee hours of monday morning.

>> turn out for me, colorado. we will win this state. we will win this election.

>> reporter: in the campaign's closing weekend, mr. romney , like his opponent, raced across seven states.

>> we're going to keep america the hope of the earth with your help, pennsylvania.

>> reporter: including traditionally democratic pennsylvania, a state the romney campaign insists will help it expand its electoral map, a claim the president's advisers call a desperate ploy. at every stop governor romney seized on this recent comment from the president.

>> don't boo, vote. vote. voting's the best revenge .

>> president barack obama asked his supporters to vote for revenge, for revenge. i ask the american people instead to vote for love of country.

>> reporter: with voters deeply divided, president obama was briefly interrupted by hecklers in cincinnati.

>> it's okay, guys.

>> reporter: but he encouraged his audience not to give up hope.

>> i know what real change looks like. it's because i've fought for it. we can't give up on it now. we've got to keep on going and bring some more change to america.

>> reporter: on sunday new jersey governor chris christie , who praised mr. obama's response to hurricane sandy, reiterated his support for governor romney .

>> i'm voting for mitt romney because i think he's the best guy for the job, but it doesn't mean that i can't turn to the president of the united states of america and say to him, thank you, sir, for providing good leadership in this crisis and for helping the people of new jersey and to extend my hand of friendship to him.

>> reporter: over the weekend a wistful moment in colorado, ann romney hiring her husband and later rallying supporters in cleveland.

>> you know what, i'm feeling it? are you feeling it?

>> reporter: and behind the scenes this weekend, perhaps another sign of confidence from the romney campaign, traveling with mitt romney this weekend, former utah governor mike levin, the man in charge of overseeing the romney transition team. he told me it's like building a ship that you hope will set sail. we should find out tomorrow night.

>> peter alexander traveling with the romney campaign. we're joined now with strategists from both sides, republican mike murphy and democrat hillary rosen . nice to see