TODAY   |  November 04, 2012

Anchors welcome Erica to Studio IA

Where does Kathie Lee stash her wine? The TODAY hosts showed new weekend anchor Erica Hill the behind-the-scenes secrets to her new home.

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>>> erica, it's your first weekend here, you're trying to get your bearings around stewudio 1a and all the ins and outs. we wanted to show you the secrets behind the scenes . take a look. all right, so, erica , this is your official welcome to studio 1a . it's a magical, historical place, but there are a few things you're going to want to know about secrets of the set. for example, be very careful with these chairs. you hit this handle wrong, you will drop and be like a 10-year-old anchor and you'll be looking at your knees. that's okay. you want to use this a lot. we have a phone down here. this will get you maybe a pizza and occasionally the producers. this is very important. we are each provided with our own little "today" show cup. what goes in that cup, well, you know, joe and antoine, our guys on the weekend, will put whatever you need in the cup no questions asked. he will never tell what's in this.

>> no.

>> things you need to know . enjoy. this is your new home. happy to have you here.

>> we are looking at our average high temperature in november, about 54 degrees. a little bit chilly, i know, but don't worry. there's a hand warmer fairy and you get these just put in your pockets. you'll always be warm on the plaza, maybe not so much in the studio. 60 degrees. so keep these handy. no matter what the weather is, you're going to do absolutely great here. we're so excited to welcome you to " weekend today ."

>> the least of your concerns should be whether you've ever forgotten something when you come to work. in the wardrobe department at the "today" show, anything, anything, are anything you could ever want, they have. for example, swiss army can openers, our own first aid kit here in the wardrobe department. comfort eye teams, oral hygiene , first aid, nasal congestion, ladies only. let's not talk about it. are your hands dirty? thousands of containers of wet ones up there including peanut butter . literally there's nothing you could have possibly forgotten at home that the wardrobe department at the "today" show does not have. they have you covered from head to toe , inside and out.

>> hi, erica . welcome to our "today" family.

>> right. and our "today" kitchen which you will be spending a lot of time in. we have here the slowest toasters in the world.

>> we have some stories to do. let's go.

>> we'll come back and check on that toaster. toast.

>> al, seriously. that's why i never -- i bring my own food.

>> you bring your own toaster. how do you keep it hot? you bring your own toast.

>> in aluminum foil .

>> it is no longer toast. browned bread at that point.

>> browned bread with a little crisp to it. ten minutes.

>> look. look at this. it popped up. nothing.

>> it's not even toasted.

>> barely brown.

>> that's ridiculous.

>> so, erica , welcome .

>> bring your own toast. bottom line.

>> hey, erica , it's matt. i have a little tip for you. you will spend a lot of time in the kitchen here where we do all the cooking segments with the best food prep staff in the world. and when you get hungry, don't touch the food. they don't like that at all. they frown upon it. they can turn mean in an instant. if you do want a snack, i have a trick for you. out here in the hall just outside the kitchen and this is where they keep the prep carts. okay? see, do not touch food. this is for the segment. there's cheese and crackers, grapes, chocolate chips , and i think what they really mean is, for hosts only. so chow down, erica . enjoy yourself and welcome .

>> erica , hello. welcome to the "today" show. okay, a couple of the rules here. you can have a lot of fun it at the "today" show. fun is in my dressing room , not outside of the dressing room . fun inside. not fun outside. get in here, i'll show you. funky dance party . come on, erica . i know you've got moves. what are they? show me. wait, hold on. i hope you have those. i don't know.

>> if you ever get a little, you know -- you know -- i'll take you to the most important places right here back where hoe da and i hang out all the time. this is the wine, baby. sending this over to you on your very first weekend.

>> but first, this is "today" on nbc. erica , can you run in heels? sometimes we have to get out to the plaza in 30 seconds flat. go, go, go. will you button my jacket? i feel 5 years old again. did you button it? get through the world's heaviest door. you're out on the plaza, memorize five pages of scripts in 20 seconds. it's a piece of cake . erica , welcome to the "today" show. you're going to do great.

>> oh, and one other thing, erica , we have the best crowds in morning television.

>> i love this place more every day.

>> welcome home .

>> it's just so great. it's only day two, right. one thing i've learned, too, since there's everything in wardrobe and the toasters don't work, maybe wardrobe should take over the toast eers. i'm just saying.

>> by the way, the party is still on in hoda's place. she's here all the time.

>> is that what i heard this morning?

>> all the time. and now we know where the wine is.

>> you've got yourself covered, lester. so great to have you part of the team. now you know all the ins and outs.

>> i do, i do. you have been wonderful.

>> if you want to go upstairs, we have stairs and an elevator. it's not really an elevator. it is the slowest and smallest earl vator in the history of the world . we should mention, cue the pain. that's actually the size of the elevator. i strongly suggest you take the steps every time you need to.

>> i tried to take it once. i think i went up and down the stair three times before that arrived.