TODAY   |  November 03, 2012

Stars come together to benefit Sandy victims

Artists and celebrities such as Bruce Springsteen, many of whom come from the areas devastated by the storm, came together Friday for a heartfelt benefit concert. “Saying, ‘Hey man, we need help there,’ is not an easy thing to do,” said New Jersey native Jon Stewart. TODAY’s Sara Haines reports.

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>>> some of the biggest names in entertainment came together friday night to raise money for the victims of hurricane sandy.

>> those with roots in new jersey like bruce springsteen and jon bon jovi joined new york natives christina aguilera , mary j. blige , billy joel and others.

>> and sarah haynes is here with more.

>> hi, guys. many who are from this area came together for this incredibly heartfelt effort on very short notice. i am beautiful

>> reporter: staten island 's own christina aguilera kicked off the star-studded fundraiser to help those hit hard by sandy.

>> here in new york city , hundreds of thousands of people sit tonight in darkness.

>> reporter: organized in part by our own matt lauer . the benefit was put together quickly while the spotlight remains on the devastated areas.

>> knowing how much those people out there have already been through over the last ten years, you start to think why do we ask these people to deal with so much? i decided the make the call the next morning.

>> growing up on the jersey shore as a short jewish -- sorry.

>> reporter: among those who answered the call, brian williams and fellow new jersey native jon stewart .

>> i think that's my line.

>> reporter: kidding aside, backstage stewart says sandy literally and figuratively hit home.

>> and so now it's our house. it's a strange feeling to kind of swallow your pride a little bit. because even to say it like hey, man, we need help, it's not an easy thing to do. just a hometown boy born a rolling stone

>> reporter: themes for the night ranged from nostalgia to defiance. so glad the worst is over

>> reporter: and resilience. question start building now

>> reporter: all with the single goal that fans open their hearts and their wallets.

>> when a celebrity gets up and says please, will you help a victim of a storm, the public who adores them transfers that adoration to reaching in their pocket and helping.

>> reporter: artists and celebrities standing side by side to help the places they call home. and the giving won't just stop with last night's airing. as awareness of concert builds over the internet and by word of mouth , experts believe that people will continue to donate.

>> that's was very cool. what a lineup.

>> it was amazing being stuck in a hallway. so often when we do production, it's one group. when you see that many people come together, you're watching duck springsteen duck under a boom. it truly was indicative of it takes a village.

>> and put together in just a couple days. sarah, thanks very much. if you'd like to help, you call 1-800-help-now or text the word "redcross" to 9099 to make a