TODAY   |  November 02, 2012

Aerosmith: We’re ‘on the same page,’ musically

Steven Tyler and the rest of the Aerosmith band members discuss what it was like getting together again for their first album in the last decade and explain how working together for more than 40 years brings many dynamics in their relationship as a group

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>>> than a decade, their 15th overall called "music from another dimension." we are really happy to welcome steven tyler , joe perry , brad whitford , todd hamilton and joey kramer . guys, good morning and welcome.

>> good morning.

>> good morning, matt.

>> what a visual this is. i joked the other day, i said when you look at this band you don't exactly scream morning people, so is that why you haven't done a morning show concert?

>> that's exactly why.

>> so raise your hand if this is an early wake-up call for you or a very late night ?

>> these are pajamas actually.

>> late night .

>> you haven't gone to bed.

>> always heard about this thing called morning but we never believed it. now it must be true.

>> finally dawned on you, huh?

>> to have these five guys sitting together is not always easy. you told me in an interview not long ago it's sometimes tough to get this band on the same page. still the case?

>> it was a great press ploy, wasn't it in.

>> on occasion, you know, but it's life.

>> when it comes to playing, we're on the same page.

>> but life can sometimes throw different wrinkles at.

>> you absolutely, yeah.

>> now there's cameras, cameras everywhere, so stuff that's been going on all these years, now is news.

>> and you do have separate lives .

>> we have lives and we have wives and kids and, you know, we've all taken different paths to, you know, fill the best out of our lives.

>> this band has outlived some of our marriages. this one takes priority, you know, in most cases.

>> and it's interesting how the life, you know, the music just smacks life right in the face. we get together and we write, and we're like in order earn day sorcererers. we create this music in the studio when we can get ourselves locked into a studio long enough and that's the beauty, and we see that after the first month, and, you know.

>> you see that after the first month, and then when you're on tour like you are starting the second leg, do you start to think after a while, okay, we've got to get some alone time again.

>> thinking about fishing.

>> take a little time off, but the music is always going.

>> 42 years of a relationship, you know, brings what it brings, you know. i don't know anybody, including myself, that's done anything for 42 years.

>> steven, we sat down at your house last year in los angeles , and we talked, and we talked a lot about you, joe, and the relationship you two have, and he was very honest about how tumultuous it's been, but i also want you to know he said some awfully kind, wonderful, sincere things about you.

>> we're probably due to have a writing session or something the next day, and so, i don't know, wanted to get into some kind of good mood.

>> he said he's addicted to your music. he's addicted to the sound of your guitar.

>> i think it's mutual. we both comes from opposite ends of a spec trumpet i mean, he's very schooled in how to put songs together and that kind of thing, and i just want to get out there and rock. when tom and i played together, it was all about just blasting away.

>> we're all addicted to joe's guitar sound.

>> but it was nice to hear, after all of the talk of the trouble, really nice to hear what a tender spot in your heart you have for him.

>> i do.

>> it's nice of you to say.

>> you know, bringing people together here on the "today" show, look at this.

>> this is our tv behavior.

>> this new album, all new music. how would you compare it to other stages of your career throughout the years?

>> it incorporates all the stages of our career, really.

>> i mean, we definitely want to do something that had a connection to the beginning, but as it went along it started to really reflect all the different things that we've tried over the years.

>> a tough situation in this area.

>> somewhere between "rocks" and " toys in the attic ." you find a red record , got vinyl coming out, that's why it's from another dimension.

>> a lot of people have said it's been ten years since we had a studio record but it's really 40 years to make this record, because like tom said, we've taken bits and pieces of what the band has done, all different kinds of rock 'n' roll, and put it on this record.

>> as you all know this tough situation in this region right now in the wake of hurricane sandy, and a look outside, you've got a lot of real good fans who made their way down here despite emergencies and all that, and they can't wait to hear you play in the next half hour. i'm in that group, and i thank you guys for coming. i want to mention, you guys, you two, are going to come and join us on this benefit concert .

>> just spoke to john in the hallway, jon bon jovi , i cannot do it. i was born in manhattan so i've got to do this.

>> got to represent. thrilled about that. a concert can you see on the networks of nbc universal tonight at 8:00,