TODAY   |  November 02, 2012

Aerial view: Gas lines snake for miles

NBC’s Kerry Sanders reports from a helicopter high above Union, N.J., where drivers are lined up for miles waiting for a chance to fill up.

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>> nbc's kerry sanders high below bloomfield, new jersey, where drivers are lined up waiting for a chance to fill up. kerry, good morning to you.

>> reporter: and it is a very long wait. good morning, matt. let me take you outside here. we're right off the garden state parkway , and can you see the folks who are line here at this gas station , but look how long that line snakes back. now, there are reports of some people in lines for three, four hours. there's one station where people started lining up at 5:00 p.m . yesterday and are still in line, but look at this. this line goes all the way down the garden state parkway . people waiting to get in to get gas line, so it is one heck of a long line. there has been frustration at some of the gas stations , as you can see. at this station they have police officers that are here to keep order. it is a very slow go, and many of the gas stations when people pull up are not allowing them to completely top off. they are restricting the amount of fuel that they can put on their car so that they have enough supplies for other people. it looks like things are going to loosen up a little bit because there's going to be some more gasoline arriving. there you see, the station is orderly, but it is one heck of a long frustrating wait to fill up, matt.

>> yeah. kerry, imagine if you wait three hours to get to a gas station and then told you can only buy four or five gallons of gas. that's not going to be an easy situation.