TODAY   |  November 01, 2012

SUV stuck atop fence in attempted border crossing

A pair of suspected smugglers got their vehicle stuck on top of a 14-foot fence after they tried to use homemade ramps to get their car over the US-Mexico border near Yuma, Arizona. TODAY’s Tamron Hall reports.

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>>> along our border with mexico might get an "a" for creativity. look at this, suv got stuck on atop a 14-foot fence. they apparently tried to use homemade ramps to get their vehicle over the border when they were spotted on the mexican side trying to free their vehicle, they left the vehicle and they escaped on foot. you do not see that every day for a reason.

>>> it is now 7:16, back to matt, savannah, and al.

>> i hate to see when wylie coyote goes bad.