TODAY   |  November 01, 2012

Post-Sandy checkpoints create traffic snarl

NBC’s Kerry Sanders reports from Yonkers, N.Y,, where an aerial view of the New York City region shows a traffic nightmare as officials set up checkpoints to make sure every vehicle has at least three passengers before they are allowed into the city.

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>> we want to return to the gridlock that's being caused by the storm. nbc's kerry sanders is above yonkers right now.

>> it is truly a test of patience as we take you down over yonkers here. you can see the line backed up. what you're looking at here are check points to make sure that those driving into the city -- that's the henry hudson parkway , are actually following the rules. those rules are, three people per car. well, as you know, there are some people who think they can skirt by. so they're doing the check points and they're exiting some of those cars off the road. you can see how it's backed up. add to this the cascading effect that people are low on fuel because the gas stations are not all operational. gas stations this morning have more than a mile long wait to get up to get fuel. so folks who are trying to get in are sitting here burning fuel wondering if i'm going to have to go to a gas station , am i going to have to then wait to get fuel when, unfortunately, we've already seen one gas station today run out of gasoline as people are in line. when you add this all up, you can see the huge frustration just to commute. there's cars being turned away. likely that person did not have three people in the car as required, savannah.

>> all right, kerry, never an easy commute into manhattan, slower today and i'm sure the check point doesn't make things move any quicker either.