TODAY   |  October 31, 2012

Search for Houdini and other ghosts in NYC

TODAY’s Sara Haines goes in search of ghosts including the spirits of Harry Houdini and Edgar Allen Poe at four New York City sites that are rumored to be haunted with self-described “ghost expert” Dr. Philip Schoenberg.

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>>> time for sara in the city, this time, a spirited trip downtown.

>> hundreds of year, rumored sightings of ghosts around new york city . we wanted to see for ourself, so we sent sara.

>> lucky me. that's right. from a haunted house to a wine cellular full of spirits, there's a laundry list of spots in this city said to be inhabited by another force and i got to check some of them out. meet my haunted tour guide, dr. phil . no, not that dr. phil .

>> i'm dr. phil . i'm not a ghost. but i'm an expert on ghosts.

>> our first stop is mcsorley's old ale house. who owned this bar?

>> harry houdini .

>> the magician?

>> the magician.

>> the master illusionist, a regular at the bar while living, left his happened cuffs behind. said to be a cat lover in the afterlife.

>> you see a cat on the bar, you know somebody was purring him and loving him. houdini.

>> next i head to washington square park in search of more ghosts. i heard people were actually buried here in washington square park ?

>> yes, it goes back 100 years, 15, 20 bodies buried here.

>> rumors has it that the spirits come out on halloween, searching for their missing body parts . feeling creeped out, i'm ready to leave. now we're off to the next haunted spot?

>> boo.

>> oh, gosh. we make our way to the wine cellular. reminds me of kathie lee and hoda. who supposedly haunts this?

>> edgar allen poe , the master of the supernatural.

>> powe is said to drink wine from an unopened bottle in this cellar. and dr. phil isn't the only one feeling that.

>> you feel like you are not alow. there are ghosts that enjoy the spirits. spirits and spirits.

>> the merchant house museum and dr. phil and i are going to see what we can scare up.

>> this house is reportedly haunted by an entire family.

>> the claim to fame that they have the most ghosts.

>> the resident ghost expert recounts stories of mysterious piano playing.

>> a couple sitting in the garden say we heard music drifting from the parlor, wonderful that you still use the family piano.

>> the real irony of the story, at the time, the piano was in disrepair and could not be played at all.

>> oh, that's good. we make our way upstairs.

>> this haunted room. we are seeing things in this room, things from the ball of energy moving across the floor, flashes of light in photographs.

>> house filled with strange sounds and shadows, even i was spooked. [ screaming ] no joke. it was a rubber rat that scared me before and i -- [ screaming ] [ laughter ]

>> oh, let's go and do some crafts. all right.

>> let's go do some calming