TODAY   |  October 31, 2012

The key to calming down: crafting

Upcycler Danny Seo shows how crafting helps drop blood pressure levels, lower your heart rate, and help you find the key to being calm by sewing a towel bath mat, making Halloween candleholders, recycled wax luminaries and more.

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>>> did you know that crafting is calming? yes, indeedy. another study this one by the american medical association says crafting produces a drop in heart rate and blood pressure which would mean danny is probably the most relaxed guy around here.

>> we are about to join him. danny is the author of a new book called "upcycling celebration." how many books do you have?

>> that's number ten.

>> fancy, danny .

>> all right. what are we making?

>> so, all of these upcycling duties who knew the whole time i have been reducing your blood pressure .

>> that what it is?

>> some sort of reaction. what are we doing today, danny boy ?

>> so it is halloween. you knee, it is a novice kraft. if you are new to crafting, what the study found it lowers your blood pressure because it is a disshrank, takes you a way from what's going on in the world, focus on some things, you start with wine bottles .

>> i like it so far.

>> just use spray paint or craft paste. what you do to see how they are a little spooky, like ghosts here, the eyes and the mouth?

>> yeah.

>> like a ghost. the trick to the spray paint do little one, two, three.

>> wow.

>> i feel so calm. oh, no, look at the eye, now i'm feeling anxiety.

>> crying. crying. all right. let's move on. what's next?

>> even the bottles. so sewing is one of the things they found is meditative, it is difficult, really about repetitive action, over and over and over, like knitting this is one of those things really inexpensive, take a snip with the scissors, like this and this is just old bath towels , making an upcycled bath mat , how cool is that? you make the little strips.

>> then you sew them.

>> no you just --

>> pull them through? and tie them?

>> make the knot.

>> stop it, danny . even hoda can do that.

>> yeah.

>> hoda, can you use scissors?

>> so funny.

>> all right.

>> so calm and good.

>> feel like i'm getting a massage right now.

>> here is a sharpie for you. a great thing. kids, great to craft with your kids, so much electronic stimulation, kids on the smartphone. what you can do is take containers, like milk containers, paint them a specific color and make a town out of these containers.

>> or make a little -- we are having fun , leave us alone. this is a great one because really who doesn't -- they are buildings.

>> oh, well, nobody told me. i wasn't looking.

>> a whole city.

>> oh.

>> oh, look at that.

>> look at mine.

>> their kids, they just need a carton and some paint. you know, this is the thing like even in an office environment are it is good to get distract and do something.

>> how about doing your job?

>> your boss is gonna love this. there is an idea, a concept. hurry up, got to go

>> this is a really fun one, it has a spa-like effect, make your own liminary, balloons filled with water. you dip it into a pot of hot wax over time . look what you get.

>> that's cool. really cool. finally, something that saves the segment. good.

>> thank you, danny .

>> we love him. he's a sweetheart. congratulations on your tenth