TODAY   |  October 31, 2012

Always late? Let your style speak for you

TODAY style editor Bobbie Thomas shows how to wear your outspoken style with T-shirts, bags, accessories, and more items that do the talking for you.

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>>> ways to spell out your style, literally.

>> sure you can wear a t-shirt that boasts your team or a way to keep your style speaking.'s bobby thomas to fill us in. hour. are you, baby?

>> i'm great. i really just came across so many fun things that have a fun message. put pump your personality out of this. rachael ray , a fan here, came up with bullying effort, don't date bullies and bullying is never fashionable, great t-shirts. so sovgts really fun way to support the cause.

>> okay.

>> nour we also have a t-shirt i want to show a picture of, you can literally walk in wearing your --

>> never late.

>> we are early.

>> you are always on time and i feel like you're 15 minutes early and i'm late. cute from print liberation and you can also make your own message t with custom ink this is so fun, i decided i wish i could but i'm already in my pajamas. you can do anything you want or make one up like this probably selling these as well. all really affordable ways to wear a pop of person eighth. now, i got a kick out of these. you have to read what this says. i love big books and i cannot lie. and this is so funny this is the bag that i always forget to bring to the store. these are really funny, again, from different affordable ways to caray different purse. air. dorable. i love it.

>> now, when it comes to the little ones, we have a lot of fun this is a onesie that says, mommy is way more fun now that she can drink. some great jewelry options that had fun quirkiness to them. these say stunning diamond necklace, wishless by i love blocks. and some really great jewelry online. there's one that says do not disturb and it's from hsn. it looks like a door hanger. and great earrings, sells these for $10. it says in one ear and out the other.

>> very great.

>> now, i know we love our wine around here, so come on down. these glasses are fun. we see them all the times, but this was a really funny thing. girls night is the original social networking site and so i just thought that was physical run and sc cellular that i love, alexandra ferguson, makes these pillows, call your mother go to the gym, be nice or leave, all these really great sayings. another way to express yourself at home, at the bottom of a heaping piece of cake is a big --

>> awful. terrible.

>> that he is are called intervention ware, says do you really need that second helping?

>> cute.

>> these may be your secret. and last but not least, if you have been online and see those really funny e-cards, some e-cards, you can bring these to life and they have coffee mugs, you can literally put whichever one you like, this one says, let's boost office morale by going to drink and complain about office morale. and this says i'm outdoorsy in that i like drinking out on