TODAY   |  October 31, 2012

Extreme pumpkin carving – with power tools

TODAY’s Sara Haines heads to the Detroit Zoo to learn how to go from pumpkin to jack-o-lantern as quickly as possible, using power tools and even lighting the gourds on fire.

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>>> time for sarah in your city.

>> today, pumpkin carving has gone extreme and our own sarah has fun with this one.

>> i went on a mission to carve pumpkins with power tools . i even got a chance to blow them up, smash them and light them on fire. let's just say, things got a little scary. right now, i'm at the detroit zoo , but not to see the animals. i'm pumpkin carving . extreme pumpkin carving . my teacher was tom nardone and he has been caring for years.

>> extreme pumpkin caring is getting from pumpkin to jack jack-o-lantern as quickly as easily as possible.

>> reporter: he crafts into his own diabolical design.

>> i try to come up with a new invention that destroys them in some evil way.

>> are those your pumpkins?

>> look at him a cute pumpkin carving . like the edward scissorhands of the grizzlies.

>> we are going to make a devil pumpkin .

>> i sawed open my pumpkin , found lots of guts inside. my goop hanging out already.

>> an ice cream scoop.

>> that's not very extreme.

>> whoa. the super scooper .

>> hit me. wait, am i doing it wrong?

>> looks like you're doing a good job. guts are flying.

>> finally, it is time do some carving. we are revving up. i'm making a demon. this is really easy to navigate. i might actually do home repairs after this experiment.

>> you ready to make a real mess?

>> i power drilled the finishing touches. this is an older demon who doesn't have his dentures in. a touch of parsnips and a pepper -- a scary demon. that scare you?

>> no.

>> what do you guys think of my pumpkin ?

>> the pepper is an amazing touch.

>> she is still laughing.

>> let's get ready to rumble .

>> i recognize these pumpkins.

>> you got hoda and i have got kathie lee and we are going to do a battle. time to smash them.

>> i hate to ruin. hoda is having a good hair day.

>> three, two, one.

>> higher. higher.

>> three, two, one.

>> yeah!

>> kathie lee was too easy of a competitor for hoda. she whooped her in seconds. now we have her up against the one-minute man.

>> three, two, one.

>> oh! man. that was more like a one second.

>> okay. didn't mess up your hair. on to the next wacky contraption that tom invented himself.

>> we are going carve a pumpkin in less than one second using this device.

>> oh, my gosh this is like a horror film . can i try it?

>> yeah.

>> you really have to thump hard.

>> oh. and the grand finale , the flammable pumpkin . that's awesome. i have never lit a pumpkin on fire. but i did have one technique to teach tom. now i will show you how i like to cut my pumpkin .

>> what is it, pumpkin cheesecake? extremely good. very cute.

>> really wild.

>> the best thing, he is a dad. and i said you're not doing this for the kids, you're just a grown up boys with toys.