TODAY   |  October 31, 2012

Halloween trivia asks: Who ya gonna call?

Billboard’s Bill Werde joins TODAY’s Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford to quiz fans on Halloween trivia including matching iconic scary movies to their theme songs and identifying the horror film villains we all know and fear.

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>>> we are back with more halloween trivia winesday wednesday. klg is across the street at the nbc experience store, ready to happened out 100 bucks to those who get the questions right and to those who don't, guess what they get, kathie lee 's wonderful cd. here to help me out in the studio is billboard's editorial director, bill werty. you ready?

>> i'm so ready. you look pumped. across the street to kath .

>> look who is here, all the way from manchester, he can land, prince harry this young man is celebrating 24is 1st birthday tomorrow. so welcome, welcome to america what movie is this line from? " red rum , red rum , red rum ," nightmare on elm street , friday the 13th, the shining or psycho?

>> b.

>> did he say b? you're wrong, maty.

>> the accept a "the shining."

>>> it is aged well like a fine wednesday wipe, keep when it came out it was not well received. stephen king did not speak kindly of the movie, roger ebert didn't review t over the years it has back true classic. what toward believe is a great movie. sure. is. back across the street to kathy.

>> young lady visiting from texas. finish the lyrics to the adams family theme song . these cher creepy and cooky, serious and spooky

>> you remember the adams family ?

>> no they are all --

>> a very big -- and spooky

>> you remember the adams family ?

>> no they are all --

>> a very big --

>> all took cookie.

>> it is ookie.

>> what is ookie?

>> like cooky but an a lighter. the adams family is created for the cartoonist, who created them. people don't know this it was light weighed, started 15950 single-panel cartoons, half of which ran in "the new yorker."

>> heavy stuff.

>> this lady from arizona. what classic horror movie is this clip from? watch here?

>> what is that from?

>> poll ter guise.

>> yeah, i still chills with "they're here." that sent the legend of steven spiel beryl, one week apart, out came "poll ter guise," one of the top ten grossing movies of all time and "et."

>> oh.

>> yeah.

>> very good info. back across to kath .

>> looks like prince harry 's little brother. also from england. all right, honey, name this song, is it casper, scary, halloween haunt or monster mash ?

>> monster mash ?

>> yes! [ applause ] "the monster mash " a great song.

>> number one song on the billboard hot 100 in october 1962 . 50 years ago today. in fact, if i go to, we have an amazing story about the history of this song.

>> bill is feverishly working to put out the billboard magazine despite the power outages in manhattan.

>> moving services around with flashlights in our teeth. got do t.

>> back across to kath .

>> lovely, lovely young ladies from colorado. the exorcist was filmed at washington, d.c. at what university?

>> georgetown.

>> how did you know that?

>> i guessed. [ laughter ]

>> and she's honest. so georgetown is the spot, huh?

>> i think for that honesty she should get the prize and the kathie lee cd. this movies nominated for ten academy awards a lot of horror films don't get that attention. real classic, mark freed kin directed, also directed "the french connection " a real pedigree.

>> thank you for coming to see us on this halloween. good luck getting your issues