TODAY   |  October 31, 2012

Sandy ‘physically changed’ New Jersey shoreline

TODAY’s Al Roker reports from the destroyed boardwalk of Atlantic City, N.J., showing the beginnings of post-storm cleanup and saying that many of New Jersey’s barrier islands have been forever changed by Sandy.

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>> you speak of the weather, want to check in with al roker in atlantic city . parts of the boardwalk there just obliterated by the storm. al, good morning again to you.

>> yeah, good morning, savannah. in fact, there are parts of the boardwalk that are fine, that are untouched, but down at this end this boardwalk has been destroyed, and, in fact, there are parts of the boardwalk that have floated down and are on the main drag of atlantic avenue here in atlantic city , but there is cleanup going on. as you look beyond, you can see dump trucks, front-end loaders working, backhoes, all trying to clean up the mess, that happened thanks to sandy. much of this part of atlantic city still without power. we saw power crews working a couple of blocks down. the mayor says they are going to rebuild. they don't know when, but the fact of the matter is this town took a direct hit from sandy, and at this time yesterday a good portion of it, at least 70% of atlantic city was underwat r water. most of that water is now done. good news for folks in new york city , and as you move up the shoreline up to seaside heights and point pleasant beach where we were the last couple of days, still a mess. people are without power. the barrier islands have physically been changed. i mean, they physically have been changed. this is very reminiscent of the hurricane of 1938 which physically changed the coastline of long island and connecticut permanently. sandy probably will have done the same thing for the shoreline of new jersey. willie?

>> all right, thanks. we heard new jersey governor chris christie say yesterday the jersey shore of my youth is no