TODAY   |  October 31, 2012

How to make Halloween fun after a hurricane

While much of the East Coast struggles with the aftermath of Sandy, how can you make sure your kids get to celebrate the holiday? TODAY contributor Jill Martin shares tips for easy Halloween games and snacks.

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>>> yes, it is halloween and millions of kids look forward to it. how can you look create sniff jill martin is a "today" and " us weekly " contributor. doesn't feel like halloween .

>> i know.

>> but we're adults and for kids it's the bad weather .

>> around the country people are celebrating but we have no power. and we thought what can we do for people without power with things in the house so we can celebrate as much as you can.

>> before we get created you found out celeb favorites and what they like to give up. first up, chris rock .

>> celebrate halloween , just be careful. these are some of the candy that these celebrities have in the house and probably have a lot of because we've all been eating our candy in the house . loves to have candy corn , one of the only times of the year, the only time that you can get it and gives out almond joys and snickers.

>> all right. pretty good. nice choice. i like that he gives the snickers because i love chocolate.

>> next up heidi klum , all about halloween , her big halloween .

>> does a huge party this year.

>> and postponed it tonight obviously in light what have happened, but she always has peanut m & ms and regular m & ms in the house .

>> very nice.

>> and i love that she eats that.

>> may postpone her halloween party until christmas and make it a spooky christmas.

>> saw that.

>> gloria and emilio estefan are in miami and they are trick-or-treating. they give out these unicef boxes which allows kids to collect money and donate to people around the world.

>> socially aware. bet and howard stern , intriguing.

>> also new yorkers.

>> so people are trick-or-treating, but they give out a lot of things, everyone is like us, they give out snickers and mounds and rasinettes and do thes. kids are allowed to come and take as much as they can carry in their hand.

>> love to have a psychologist analyze what kinds of candies you give in relation to your personality, rasinettes, old-school movie theser.

>> like regular people and give out candy we all love.

>> last-minute things can you do to entertain the kids in the house . you have theodorea and cannon.

>> boyfriend and girlfriend.

>> so i've heard from theodorea. we'll talk about that later because she's 2 years old with a boyfriend and i'm 42 without one. but we digress.

>> i'm actually staying with theodorea. i said last night, if we only had the basic things in the house what can we make for people without power. cannon, that's you, show us what we're doing here.

>> making the bread.

>> got sweet bread .

>> and then some halloween candy we made all of these different faces.

>> very nice.

>> that is super cute, super cute.

>> cannon did a great job.

>> very hands on. very hands on, thank you. and next up, theodorea. slept in her rapunzel bird and we were very busy making her own candy apples , an apple with a fork in it.

>> i'll help you out.

>> in honey.

>> roll it in honey and whatever cereal you have in the house .

>> right.

>> did a good job.

>> i think you have to be under ten to bite into this, otherwise your teeth will be out of your head.

>> you'll have to show it.

>> your apple, super cute. want to hang on to my apple. okay. a real winner over there as a boyfriend, theodorea. moving on to the carve-free pumpkins, right?

>> you have pumpkins in the house and you think how can i do this now and theodorea actually taught me this. these were outside their apartment already.

>> i love these.

>> she took her mr. potato head, right, and took all the different parts and put them in the dump win with the glitter, and you want to show us how to do this one.

>> oh, okay. i'll pick you up.

>> a lady bug in go-go boots, and now we're making a little " star wars ."

>> if you do not have power, you have the basics, still ways to have fun at home.

>> awesome job, guys, can i get a high five. thanks for coming, guys. whoa.

>> that kid's tough. all right, jill, thank you very much.