TODAY   |  October 31, 2012

Get in the spooky spirit with no-carve pumpkins

From a painted Frankenstein to pumpkins that are completely covered in glitter, Taryn Mohrman of Parents magazine shows off her great ideas for decorating pumpkins that will let even the littlest kids have fun with Halloween.

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>>> we have everything from painted frankenstein to glittered gords. karen, good morning to see you.

>> good to see you.

>> these are actually last minute, but they all look like you put a lot of effort into them.

>> they look really fun but not hard to do at home with your kids.

>> i love that they are no carving, no mess to clean up, no nothing.

>> no carve. all about that this year, new trends. parents looking for fun ways to embellish their pumpkins.

>> let's launch in with well spin. how did you do that?

>> made a spider web using the black roofing nails, can you use brass or black push pins and tie a piece of yarn and then it's just about looping.

>> oh, cute.

>> whatever design you want to make.

>> yeah. we're doing a spider web , but, you know, kids can get creative, creative,ance once you have the design, the web shape, you can follow up with the yarn.

>> i love it.

>> and get a scary spieder.

>> no mess going on there.

>> no mess there.

>> next out.

>> you have candy tricked out pumpkins, halloween.

>> willie was doubtful that you could trick out a pumpkin.

>> well, i hope we're proving that you can.

>> okay.

>> we used licorice lips and curly hair for the mom, jelly beans and marshmallows, and over here we have our kid pumpkin, necco wafer eyes.

>> how do you attach these things?

>> using hot glue and if you want add this bow. hot glue will create a really quick fast bond which is important if you're using candy that's heavier.

>> and limited time.

>> a nice big dab in the middle and can stick it on and she will be all set for the front porch.

>> adorable. quick dry and good for parents, once you put the candy on, you can't eat it so it's diet friendly, too.

>> and tease are freaky streaks.

>> my favorite. these are a lot lighter than regular pumpkins because they are fake pumpkins, they are fun-kins.

>> i didn't want to expose you.

>> yeah.

>> the idea is you can reuse it year after year.

>> nice.

>> we'll make one of they come in white and orange. can buy them on funkins doesn't come. want to grab a bottle. can't go wrong. add the streaks, watch them drip down. then it will drip.

>> is this easy to clean up.

>> no mistakes.

>> keep going, the more colors and streaks, the bet ter looks.

>> green happens to be my favorite.

>> and let it dry overnight.

>> these are pretty cool. this is a frankenpumpkin.

>> our category called a dressed up pumpkin because it's all about costumes where everyone can get in on the action, frankenstein, our witch, craft balm, adhesive, really's it for kids to cut out shapes for the eyes and mouth, for the witch's hair.

>> this is a witch.

>> and we turn her on her side to use the stem.

>> very clever.

>> thinking outside the box , and i want to show you how it make the hair here because this is pretty cool.

>> took streamer and cut them into 12-inch pieces and like you would curling ribbon, take your scissors.

>> there you go.

>> if it cuts, give her layers so just go with, it and when you're done you're going to simply put some scotch tape on there.

>> okay.

>> keep it on top.

>> go.

>> and top it off with the fun hat.

>> and she's not a witch without her green wart so grab this and peel the back off and add it here and she will be all set.

>> i like that.

>> giving the pumpkins costumes, too. all stuff can you get at craft stores's

>> i last up on the list.

>> we have our etched pumpkins, not carving, etching away the skin of the pumpkin. using this paper piercer that we got from put the template on top and poke holes on the outer line.

>> because it's sharp patients need to be around.

>> something kids can help out with.

>> and you use your etching tools to chip away.

>> glitter pumpkin.

>> topping it with craft glue and sprinkle on the glitter.

>> karen, great ideas and i like it. last minute, not a lot of cleanup.

>> not at all.